YouTube Punishes Blogger After Video of Apparent Suicide Victim

YouTube says it has punished an American blogger over a video that seemed to show the body of a suicide sufferer. The blogger, Logan Paul, took the video inside the Aokigahara wooded area, close to Japan’s Mount Fuji. The location is where some human beings have taken their lives in recent years.

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In the video, Paul and his friends see a man placing a frame from a tree. They react with shock; however, they also make jokes. Suicide costs in Japan are some of the maximum in the globe. About 21,000 humans there commit suicide each year, in line with Japanese authority’s estimates. In an announcement, YouTube said it removed Logan Paul’s channels from Google Preferred, which provides top YouTube videos, and the agency gives motion pictures to advertisers. YouTube also said it will not consist of Paul in the new season of an internet-based total collection called “Foursome.” And it said his nrecentfilms are not being posted.


Paul’s YouTube channel has more than 15 million subscribers, and he has more than 4 million followers on Twitter. The video filmed in the Japanese forest received over 6 million views before Paul took it down. YouTube bars violent content that is proven shockingly or disrespectfully, the organization says. After posting the video, it issued a “strike” towards Paul’s channel for violating its community guidelines. Paul introduced earlier this month he changed into taking spoil from making YouTube motion pictures “to reflect.” He has additionally published numerous apology movies and posts on social media. But Paul continues to face sturdy complaints about the apparent suicide victim video as different video blogs he posted at some stage in his visit to Japan. Free Blog Content: Creativity and Innovation Supersede Originality to Generate Blog Quality and Quantity Consistently for MLM Network Marketing

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