This Blogger Was Late to the Instagram Game

In this series, Instagram Icon, Entrepreneur speaks with the individuals behind popular Instagram accounts to discover the secrets and techniques in their achievement. Before she started devoting hours daily to responding to her Instagram followers, let alone before she even had an account, Heidi Nazarudin used to sit down in a workplace calculating valuations for tech businesses. Straight out of college, she landed in an investment banking program for excessive-rating Malaysian graduates at Citibank in Tokyo. She turned, surrounded by the city’s high-fashion scene. Over time, she noticed her attention wandering as she crunched numbers.

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“You recognize you have a problem while you look out of doors the window, and you’re spending extra time analyzing what people are carrying than doing all your activity,” Nazarudin tells Entrepreneur. She stopped her activity, moved to Los Angeles, and began writing approximately style. “I thought, ‘If the whole lot goes wrong, at least I actually have beautiful weather.'”


She channeled her hobby in fashion mixed together with her business historical past right into a weblog and logo, The Ambitionista. These days, she says her posts are supposed to the notion of “boss ladies conquering the sector.” Her common reader is a 32-year-old girl with a household income of $ 90,000 who spends $21,000 on fashion and splendor and takes 4 worldwide trips in line with the year.

Nazarudin says she changed into apathy about Instagram when it started to take advantage of her reputation, as a substitute, gravitating toward Twitter, which she considered the appropriate medium for a writer, including herself. But today, she has more than 473,000 followers on Instagram — double what she has on Twitter — and the visual medium has become her primary platform. As Nazarudin advanced her Instagram presence and grew her following, some girls contacted her, soliciting her help manage their social media money.

At first, I stated no, because I became like, ‘I’m no longer a business enterprise, why could I try this?'” Nazarudin says. Then, when a pal showed her a document she’d acquired from paid consultancy, she concluded she might realize better than a few specialists. She founded emblem method and influencer marketing employer Marque Media, and nowadays, she and a crew of 13 humans manipulate more than a hundred social media debts for 40 special brands.

Her function as a logo strategist has landed her speak-me engagements at the TEC Summit, BlogHer, and Lean In conferences. When she no longer supports manufacturers select influencers or writes all of @theambitionista’s Instagram captions, she’s operating on her most modern startup, The Boss Box, a subscription container for girls entrepreneurs, which she co-based and launched earlier this year.

Nazarudin shared the secrets no longer best to @theambitionista’s growth and success but also what she’s discovered about how any brand can domesticate a following and identity through Instagram — without counting on the platform as a sole source of earnings. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

1. How did you get your begin on Instagram?

Many of the manufacturers I worked with as a style blogger said when Instagram started, they were like, “Oh, that’s awesome you have several fans on Twitter, but how many followers do you have on Instagram?” And I became like, “Zero. I don’t care.” I think of myself as a severe man or woman. I’m now not going to submit pix of myself. But after the 10th emblem asks you, “How many fans do you have on Instagram?” your solution is embarrassing; the writing’s on the wall. I usually use the analogy of the fax machine: Don’t try and maintain a fax machine when everybody’s using electronic mail. So, I told myself, “Everyone’s into Instagram. I have to get on Instagram.”

I hired a photographer on Craigslist, but my first photoshoots were complete disasters. A concept I regarded so hideous that I almost desired to cry. I picked another photographer on Craigslist again, and she made me feel at ease. We had coffee, and she told me many tales about herself and made my experience like a human being. Then we took pictures, she gave me directions, and the photos increased.

2. What different platforms do you use, and what number of time do you spend on them vs. Instagram?
I will likely spend three hours weekly on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn combined. Between myself and my social media supervisor, we discover matters that happened to me the previous week or will show up the coming week, consisting of events I’m speaking at. Or we find a piece of writing trending in the news relevant to my target market. I deliver my social media supervisor’s content and approve and curate the content she suggests. Our dashboard indicates when I have direct messages or remarks, and it takes no time to respond.

3. How much of it slow do you dedicate to Instagram?

I positioned the most effort and private attention on Instagram. I spend approximately hours daily on my Instagram account, commenting, responding, and reviewing the DMs. In truth, I do not hand off writing or responding on Instagram to any of my workforce members, even though I, without problems, could because it’s so private. Many of them are so amazed after I remember them when they technique me and tell me their account name. In the middle of it, I’m very grateful that I have so many followers, and it has enabled me to accomplish many things that, 10 years in the past, I in no way even might have dreamed about.

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When it involves the inspirational photographs on @theambitionista, I ask my social media manager, “Can you locate approximately 40 informational prices from ladies for November?” Then, I pick the ones I like; however, I don’t deal with portraits and design. As for the caption below that quote, that’s all me. I cannot delegate that to everybody because it would be inauthentic.

How do you sell your account? What’s your range-one manner to benefit followers?

It depends on where you’re in the increase stage and relies upon algorithms. But after I first started out, we did a whole lot of Instagram takeovers. For instance, if an emblem or blogger I truly like and recognize has the demographic I need to target, I’ll provide it to take over their account and put it up. When that occurs, I generally gain a percentage of their fans.

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