Why I’ll Never Buy Another Cheap Bong In My Life

I regrettably started smoking at the pretty young age of sixteen in high school. I went to a school where it was a pretty common habit shared by a pretty large percentage of the student body, and even if I was aware of the developmental impact of any drug abuse at all on a young mind, I enjoyed many fun times smoking up at lunchtime before last period. Many people notice some pretty big changes when it comes to cannabis use as they grow into their adult years after having smoked regularly as a teenager.

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The biggest change for me, personally, that I have noticed has to be that I just can not deal with a crappy, cheap bong like I used to. Years ago, I would gladly hit any old bong that was lying around, no matter how cheap or filthy it was, no matter the material or craftsmanship. I would do this without even coughing up a lung because I could somehow tank through gram-sized bowls like nothing in those days too. Now, without a properly made, high-quality bong to actually cool the smoke before I inhale it, I can’t even handle a fifth of a gram. Something about a cheap bong makes the smoke so harsh and taste so foul, and somehow I never noticed this when I was young.

But why?

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    I couldn’t tell you exactly why this shift in my attitude came about, but maybe it has something to do with the romanticization of cannabis when you’re young. In a high school environment, anything can become a competition, and that certainly does not exclude marijuana. Especially for young guys, it’s not uncommon for smoking cannabis to turn into a pissing contest. Who can roll the biggest joint? Who can rip the biggest bowl? Who can smoke the biggest dab? By extension, maybe young people just want to ‘impress’ each other somehow by being willing to do anything for the kush. Honestly, I have no clue why I subjected myself to so many ridiculously oversized bowls out of grimey, overused bongs.