The Military Child Education Coalition for Student Success

The Military Child Education Coalition for Student Success (MCE) aims to promote the education and well-being of military children to enhance their transition back into civilian life and support their success in school, work, and life. Students are not being served well by our educational system. In fact, our current school system is failing them. As a result, they are dropping out, disengaging, and not graduating. We need a change. What can we do to help our students succeed in school? One thing we can do is create the military child education coalition for student success. We will discuss why our schools are failing, how to fix it, and what to do to make a change.

We must address the issue of children who have experienced military deployments and the effects on their education because it affects their ability to thrive in school. Unfortunately, we have seen that when these children arrive at school, many are in severe emotional distress, and their academic progress is often impaired. Often, the symptoms of this distress are difficult to identify without a skilled mental health professional.

Child Education

Parent-to-Parent Programs

Parents are the most important part of our student’s lives. Unfortunately, too often, they’re not involved in educating their children. Our students fail to reach their full potential. They’re not learning how to be good citizens, they’re not developing critical thinking skills, and they’re not becoming independent thinkers.

Explanation and Benefits of Scholarship Programs

In our schools, we have an issue. We have a problem. In the United States, nearly 1 in 5 students drop out of high school before graduation. According to a 2017 National Center for Education Statistics report, high school dropouts in the United States have increased to 15.5 percent. That is a 40 percent increase from the 13.5 percent reported in 2013. The dropout rate is higher among certain populations. Black and Hispanic students, students with disabilities, and low-income students are likelier to drop out of high school. Why are we having this problem? We have a problem because the school system is not serving our students well. Our current plan is failing them. Our schools are not preparing our students for college or a career. They are not preparing them for life after high school.

Educational Training Webinars

How can we teach our kids to be successful in school?

The military child education coalition for student success is a coalition that aims to improve the quality of education in America. The alliance will focus on several areas, including teaching kids critical thinking, literacy, and math skills. These topics are crucial to teaching our kids how to succeed in school. The education webinar series will be held on the Sunday evening of each month. The series is for teachers, parents, and anyone who wants to learn how to improve education in America.

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Frequently Asked Questions Military Child Education

Q: How long has the MCECS been around?

A: MCECS was established in March 2011 and officially launched at the 2011 Military Child Education Summit held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Q: Who is the MCECS comprised of?

A: MCECS comprises three groups: Military Families, Military School Staff, and the community.

Q: How does MCECS differ from other organizations?

A: MCECS offers more than just information and resources to military families; it also provides assistance with school placement and college readiness.

Q: What is the mission of The Military Child Education Coalition for Student Success?

A: The Military Child Education Coalition (MCECS) is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to serve as a resource center for military families to assist them in their search for information and resources to enhance the educational success of military children and students.

Q: How does MCECS differ from the Military and Veteran’s Affairs?

A: MCECS strives to be a neutral resource for military families with children seeking an education. We are not affiliated with any military or Department of Defense branch.

Q: Where is MCECS located?

A: MCECS is located in the Washington D.C. area.

Top Myths About Military Child Education

  1. Children should not serve in the military.
  2. The military is an excellent educational setting.
  3. Military children receive the best education possible.
  4. Military children do not require special education programs.
  5. Children can perform well academically in the military.


I’d like to offer you a chance to take part in something truly important to me. This coalition, made up of many amazing people, is dedicated to improving the education of our military children. If you can give a small donation, you can help us make a huge difference for these children. You’ll also receive some pretty cool rewards.