US ‘witch’ gets life terms for terrorising grandchild video

A US girl accused of terrorizing her 7-year-old granddaughter, even as dressed as a witch, has been sentenced to life in jail. The Oklahoman said that Geneva Robinson, fifty-one, from Oklahoma Metropolis, was sentenced Thursday (nearby time) to 3 consecutive life terms. She pleaded responsible to 5 counts of legal child abuse in February 2017.

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Robinson, who dressed as “Nelda” to scare her granddaughter, admitted to scratching the female’s neck, placing her face, hitting her hand with a rolling pin, and slicing her hair even as the girl slept, in keeping with court data. Geneva Robinson was sentenced to a few consecutive existence sentences for criminal infant abuse. “What she did became horrific, and what she did will all the time impact this baby and her siblings,” stated Assistant District Lawyer Meredith Easter. “She merits the identical amount of mercy that she showed this toddler, and that’s none.”


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A three-minute cellular phone video proven in court found out the abuse the kid suffered. The US showed Robinson’s life dressed in black, with what seems to be masks and her arms painted inexperienced terrorizing.

Tanya Jones, Robinson’s protection Lawyer, stated Robinson lacked sources to control the child.

“She understands she went too far,” Jones said.

Robinson stated she became present in processing treatment and taking medicine for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The abuse came to mind after Robinson added the woman to the sanatorium in 2014, announcing she “couldn’t control the woman anymore.” The kid became malnourished, badly bruised and reduced, scarred with whip marks, and had infected ankles, neighborhood media outlet News9 reported. She advised authorities that her grandmother might wear an inexperienced mask with red eyes to get dressed up as a witch named “Nelda” and “take a red dog leash and grasp her inside the center of the garage below her hands”. Nelda would use a “wand knife” and put it to her neck, she stated. Robinson’s boyfriend, Joshua Granger, was additionally sentenced after pleading guilty to 1 matter of criminal toddler abuse. He is predicted to serve 30 years in prison. Police said Robinson was arrested in September 2014 after taking the malnourished woman to a clinic.

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