The Brexit reshuffles world geopolitics

Even as the World Press is searching for methods to re-begin the reconstruction of Europe, nonetheless without Russia and now without the UK, Thierry Meyssan considers that nothing can now save you from the collapse of the machine. But, he points out, what’s at stake isn’t always the European Union itself but the establishments that allow the domination of the sector with the aid of America and the integrity of America itself.

No one seems to recognize the results of the British choice to depart the eu Union. The commentators who interpret birthday celebration politics and who forfeited their expertise of international demanding situations a long term ago were concentrating on the elements of an absurd campaign – on one facet, the adversaries of uncontrolled immigration, and on the opposite, the «bogeymen» who have been threatening the United Kingdom with the direst of torments. However, the stakes of this decision have nothing to do with those themes. The discrepancy between reality and the political media discourse illustrates the disorder the Western elite is sincerely struggling with – their incompetence.

Brexit reshuffles

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Even as the veil is being ripped apart earlier than our eyes, our elites do not understand the state of affairs any higher than the Communist birthday celebration of Soviet Russia ought to see the results of the autumn of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 – the dissolution of the U.S. in December 1991. Six months later, the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Comecon) and the Warsaw P.C. observed the attempts to dismantle Russia itself, in which it nearly lost Chechnya. In some fashion, we can soon be witnessing the dissolution of the European Union, then NATO, and the dismantling of the United States unless they pay close attention.

What pursuits are at the back of Brexit?

Opposite to the conceited claims of Nigel Farage, UKIP is no longer the originator of the referendum it has simply received. The decision was imposed on David Cameron via the individuals of the Conservative party. For them, London’s policy has to be a practical adaptation to the evolution of the world. This «state of save-keepers,» as Napoleon qualified it, observes that America is not both the world’s top economy or its major navy strength. There’s consequently no further cause to grasp on as their privileged companion.

Just as Margaret Thatcher never hesitated to smash British industry, which will rework her into an international financial center, in the same manner, the Conservatives did not hesitate to open the door for the independence of Scotland and Northern Ireland – and hence the loss of North Sea oil – that allows you to rework the City into the primary offshore financial center for the yuan. The Brexit marketing campaign was largely supported by the Gentry and Buckingham Palace, who mobilized the famous Press to name for a go back to independence.

Contrary to the interpretations posted within the Eu Press, the departure of the British from the eu will not show up slowly because Europe will fall apart faster than the time important for the bureaucratic negotiations regarding their withdrawal. The Comecon states did not have to negotiate their go out because the Comecon had ceased to characteristic as quickly. After all, the centrifugal motion commenced. The member states of the ecu who grasp on, desperately seeking to store something that remains of the Union, will fail in their version of this new distribution and run the risk of experiencing the painful convulsions of the primary few years of the new Russia – a vertiginous drop inside the general of residing and existence expectancy.

There’s a pressing want to reform the institutions to store the hundred thousand civil servants, elected officials, and Eu collaborators who will necessarily lose their jobs, and the national elites who are also tributary to the device. They all wrongly agree that Brexit has opened a breach into which the Euro-sceptics will plunge. However, Brexit is only a response to the decline of America. The Pentagon, which is presently getting ready for the NATO summit in Warsaw, has no longer but understood that it is now not in a position to browbeat its allies into growing their Defence finances and backing up their army adventures. Washington’s domination of the arena is over.