Faced Pushback For Equating Hair With Beauty

After Emily Ratajkowski shared an Instagram published declaration that she is the new spokesperson for the luxurious hair product corporation Kérastase Paris, she obtained an immediate pushback for her caption. She wrote, “Hair is fundamental to splendor, femininity, and identity. So excited to announce that I am the new face of @kerastase_official!” The idea that Hair holds such an unwavering position in how most society defines splendor is one that ladies specifically seek to reinvent. With that in mind, Ratajkowski’s words rubbed some humans incorrectly. Commenters pointed out that the caption will be interpreted as insensitive to girls who enjoy hair loss for reasons ranging from genetics to illness. “I’m so sick of the notion that ‘feminine’ = lengthy Hair cuz even bald-headed women are suitable too,” one commenter wrote. “Her comment excludes folks who can’t grow hair, mainly from cancer,” wrote another.

Others believed the version had correct intentions and became, in reality, adhering to promoting the product and its branding. “Women can, for my part, define what they experience beauty as. I love my Hair; it makes me feel beautiful and assured,” shared one commenter, even as another recommended that “she changed into simply writing and posting what the logo is advertising and marketing since you are aware of it’s her job achieve this.” Shortly after the blended reaction to the put-up, Ratajkowski modified the caption to say, “So excited to announce that I am the brand new face of @kerastase_official! Welcome, good hair days!” Kérastase Paris, who had an equal discussion surrounding beauty requirements on their personal Instagram post, responded with an apology, pronouncing:


“We are deeply sorry about that; we didn’t want to cause any harm to everybody with the caption. Of course, splendor isn’t always defined by using your Hair; beauty is something extra spiritual, and splendor is a mindset coming from each of us internally,” the hair care logo wrote. “Our new muse, Emily, thinks that her Hair is a way to specify herself. As she said, ‘Everyone is uniquely stunning of their personal manner’, and we agree. We apologize for the false impression of our previous caption, as it looks like we were creating a one-way statement, forgetting the relaxation of more than one version of splendor. We surely let you know we’re very sorry and thanks to your testimony because via it we’re getting to know every day.“”

Kérastase Paris observed by posting a picture in their new spokesperson with the caption, “Everyone is uniquely beautiful in their very own manner.” Emily Ratajkowski has selected to remain quiet on the matter, now not presenting an extra remark. An avid advocate for ladies, Ratajkowski spoke to Elle about the campaign with Kérastase Paris earlier than its launch. Believing that girls can both specify their sexuality and be feminist, she stood by the concept that ladies should now no sense responsible for trying great Hair. “Yeah, for lots of ladies, how our Hair seems and feels is a normal part of our lives, whether we always want it to be or not. And in the long run, feeling excellent about yourself is right on your lifestyle and who you are,” she explained. “So if having the fine Hair, you could have approach you feel better approximately your day, then pass get that Hair. And don’t feel guilty about it!”

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