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We leave the winter behind us. You know when the spring is when the birds begin to whistle, the blossoming of the blossom begins and the terraces open again. The sun has more power and in the evening it stays light longer. A smile appears on the face of everyone. To ensure that your relationships keep this smile, it is a good idea to use spring gifts.

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As soon spring gift t-shirt spring starts, the temperatures also slowly rise again. We can put the sweaters, cardigans and boots back in the closet. It is time for a new on. From Amphasis Design Pte Ltd you can get the best t shirts for the same now.


Do not choose directly for summer, so let the short dresses and skirts lie in the closet. These are ideal for the summer period. T-shirts belong to spring. T-shirts can be perfectly used as work clothes. As soon as the first rays of the sun show up, they are also massively purchased by companies. When the spring arrives, you can delight your employees with a T-shirt. Choose to print the T-shirts with a logo, text or name of your company. T-shirts with printing ensure recognisability. For example, printed garments are often worn during fairs, events and open days. It not only ensures recognisability, but also increases the brand awareness of the company.

Drink Spring gift drinking bottle

As a sponsor at an event or festival, it is a good idea to distribute drinking bottles in the spring period, as a spring gift. When it’s warm becomes, we need more moisture. Drinking bottles are functional, since we can always use them. Even when you have sporting relationships, drinking bottles are a thirst-quenching business gift. You can choose to fill the bottle with water or another drink. Do not forget to print the drinking bottles with your logo, name or text. You will need the right Customized Bottles for the same now.


Our number three spring gifts are the Frisbee. As soon as we get up in the morning on our day off, open the curtains and see that there is no cloud in the air, we all go out immediately. How about a day at the park or beach? We cannot print the fun with our bikini or swimming trunks on the beach. You can always have fun on the beach. Go with family or friends and bring beach games. An example of a popular beach game is the Frisbee. Even as a sport, it is now extremely popular. Printed with advertising, the Frisbee falls straight on.


An umbrella is not actually the product you would like to see in the spring. Unfortunately, the weather in the areacannot be predicted and there is also rain in the spring. So it is m

It is better that you are prepared for the raindrops. Nobody likes to walk in the rain. Umbrellas are eye-catchers and therefore an ideal spring gift and advertising medium for companies.