Riky Rick reflects on life in heartfelt Instagram post

Cape Town – It changed into an introduction on Wednesday that Ricky Rick is the brand new ambassador for Vaseline, a popular global brand. Following the announcement, the local rapper posted a heartfelt photo of his life circle of relatives and contemplated his Instagram journey to this point in the caption. The trendy superstar captioned the %: “Lifestyles may additionally every so often appear too tough. We would feel crushed by the whole lot we need to obtain. We would have the worry of failure or embarrassment. I’ve learned that everyone’s emotions are good on your own. Without something attempting to tug you down, you may never construct the strength to go up… Embody your hardships and use the electricity to work tougher than you ever have… BE Sturdy. Experience The journey. Stay SHINING. (sic)”


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Make Peace With the Life You probably did not Get

Make peace with the Existence You probably did not get so that you can make way for the Existence that can be yours to discover its manner to you. These days, I used to be watching “Devious Maids”, one of all responsible pleasures on Lifetime TV. One of the characters, Zoila, is a maid, and she feels that all she can be is a maid because she is unable to simply accept a scholarship and go to university. She No longer wants her daughter to be a maid, and rightly so. However, the daughter desires to pay her own way to a university instead of relying on her parents. Her mother, Zoila, is adamant and does everything to make certain her daughter does not make the identical mistake she did, even trying to get her fired from her maid task. The NThemoral right here is not that Zoila wanted higher for her daughter. It’s far from the reality that Zoila never got over Not being able to go to university and pursue her dreams, so she accepted an Existence of “demeaning servitude” because her idea turned into all she was accurate.

How lmanyof we are nevertheless disappointed about a Life we did not get? I might be the primary one to raise my hand. I by no means was given to go to a prestigious University. Nevertheless, I regret No longer being commonplace at Fordham University, which became my first desired college. There are days when I ponder what my Lifestyle might be like if I had long passed to Fordham College. I do realize for a fact that my Existence might have certainly been unique. I had cherished everything about Fordham U.

It’s prestige, alumni software, special applications for High College students, and packages I took components in. I even received an Internship of the 12 Months Award. I have interned at several exceptional Businesses. My lifestyle changed into ohe proper course. I was not normal for motives that were out of my management, even though I had the grades. Instead, I was well-known to another University, and while that changed into a non-public College, it became No longer Fordham nonetheless. I plan to spend years at that University, get higher grades, and then switch to Fordham University. Sure, I used to be that passionate about attending Fordham College. However, Life No longer works out that way. I made do with the University I was in every day, too.

It was not until I watched that episode of Devious Maid that it hit me.

I by no means made peace with Now not being able to attend Fordham University or even Fordham Law. Current occasions made me recognize my resentment for No longer being able to participate in a prestigious College. School and training have been my identity. Because I never got to visit Fordham U. For my Bachelor’s diploma, I determined that I would apply to Fordham Law and combine the status of becoming a Legal professional with the prestige of attending Fordham Law, a Tier 1 Law School. I needed to get my J.D., then my LL.M. (Masters of Law), and then my LL.D (Doctorate of Law). But that did No longer manifest. Properly, that element changed into on me.

I realized that I did not want to go to Law School. Oh, the horror of horrors. My circle of relatives became appalled. They thought I had no direction, and I used to waste my Existence. I still have an Aunt, who, at the moment, nevertheless, asks if I can rethink my selection to No longer go to Regulation College. I needed to repair my circle of relatives’ honor and do something prestigious with my Lifestyle. It would help if I went to Oxford or Cambridge University. I have even found myself encouraging my nephew to apply his grades to apply to Oxford or Cambridge. I need him to make something of his Lifestyle and get the possibilities I never got. I am hoping he forgives me for putting that on him.

Even though the decision to No longer go to Regulation Faculty changed me, I still spent the following ten years of my life resenting my Life. I just realized I’d have had a better lifestyle if I had sure possibilities. Sure, that turned into how deeply obsessed and meshed my identity turned with the “proper schools”, the “meeting the right human beings”, marrying “up,” and dwelling the “proper prosperous lifestyle”. To add gasoline to the fireplace, I sacrificed my Lifestyle for “family,” which did Not flip out Well. It truly blew up in my face. Extra pain and resentment.

I have spent a few years resenting my Life and where it ended. As an end result, matters got here into my Existence to assist me in experiencing worse approximately than Existence. Sure, I’ve carried out much that brought me happiness, But that turned into fleeting. At some stage in all that, I found out something very critical. Regardless of how much we may love our surface Life, it’ll be fleeting if, under all that, we are filled with resentment for the Existence we felt we had missed out on.

One of the matters I have discovered about Life is that we live if we are not okay with our Existence. It is simple for others to make us experience awful about our station in Life. However, if we’re okay with who we are and who we are, no one can make us feel ashamed or guilty for what We probably did not meet their requirements. This is why we need to have our standards for our Existence and make peace with who, what, and wherein we’re in Existence. If we do not like where we are, we can take steps to alternate courses. We do not want approval from absolutely everyone outdoor folks to do matters in another way for our lives.