Convertible Add Appearance Tech Updates

Mini, BMW AG’s sporty British logo, has updated its appearance and brought technology to its 2019 Mini Cooper 2- and 4-door hardtops and Convertible. The refreshed line-up of Mini hardtops and the convertible could be shown in Detroit this month at the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The refreshed Mini Cooper, redone in 2014, will attain showrooms this spring.

“Stylishly refined” is how Mini officials describe exterior and interior appearance changes that encompass new LED rear lighting fixtures with an unusual British Union Jack flag layout, plus a new, simpler, flat Mini brand. More outdoor shades are to be had, the headlamps have been redone to be extra expressive. and brighter LED headlights are elective. Interior upgrades, advanced digital offerings, and connectivity, such as Wi-Fi charging, are also brought.

The color palette has been greater as nicely. New outdoors paint picks for the 2019 Mini volume vendor editions include Piano Black with lights and radiator surrounds finished in gloss black rather than chrome, plus steel choices of Emerald Grey, Starlight Blue, and Solaris Orange personalization. A variety of optional, light-alloy 17-in. Wheels in several designs with -tone shade spokes have also been accelerated. In addition, the Mini logo has been updated and is now projected on the driver’s-facet outdoors mirror.

Tech Updates

Adjustments will encompass a prolonged variety of leather-based seat upholstery, trims, and interior surfaces in new colorations for customization. The new Piano Black paint alternative includes indoor trim and backlit illumination on the dashboard to health the auto’s ambient lights. An organization of Mini Yours Customized accessories has also been enlarged with extra decorative strips and LED door sill finishers.

On the tech facet, the multi-characteristic steerage wheel and radio with 6.Five-in. The color display screen and Bluetooth interface are well known. Optional tech capabilities include radio and navigation with eight.8-in. Touch display screen, wi-fi charging for smartphones, and extra USB ports. New virtual services are optionally available in premium trim levels and include real-time visitor data with 4G LTE connectivity and aid for Apple CarPlay, plus different connected offerings and emergency calls, including a gadget to tag luggage. A private mobility assistant can be installed for experience planning.

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