Android suggestions and hints you should not miss from 2017

This the season for kicking returned, crankin’ up the hearth, and locating while saving new hints for that pretty slab o’ glass to your pocket. Enhanced efficiency is one heck of a holiday to deal with, despite everything — and continues paying off for months to return. Hey, productivity subjects, and there may never be a scarcity of clean Android shortcuts and improvements ready to be embraced. If you ignored any of ’em, the primary go-spherical, or perhaps did not have time to strive everything out, here are some of my favorite Android pointers and hints from 2017. Pour yourself some cocoa, polish up the ol’ Festivus pole, and deliver yourself the presence of finely tuned technology. Best of all? It’s a rare gift that may not cost you an unmarried dime to collect.

1. 16 time-saving Android shortcuts

We’ll start matters off with a zesty power shot of powerful shortcuts, and they’ll prevent time and assist you in getting around your telephone like a seasoned.

2. 8 approaches to turn Android right into a productive powerhouse

A broader study of some easy modifications that’ll turn any Android smartphone into a lean mean productivity machine.

3. The more brilliant manner to go looking for Android

One of my preferred snack-sized hints of the past year — a reachable Android search hack that’ll assist you in locating what you want faster and with greater effect.


4. The time-saving typing trick each Android consumer needs to attempt

Another intelligent little manner of shaving seconds off your day by automating a number of your maximum frequently typed terms.

Five. 4 hidden shortcuts for typing faster on Android

Speaking of typing, who would not want to make the on-display screen entry less complicated? Most of the items in this tale are matters I use almost every day.

6. The fine note-taking apps for Android

Take notes? Then take notice: I put together a detailed guide to Android’s top word-taking apps, with tips broken down with how you like to paint.

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7. 6 performance-improving Android apps

Some innovative gear that exceptional-music your smartphone’s interface to help it attain its full productiveness potential. (A few, without a doubt, fantastic alternatives in this one.)

Eight. Four exceptional capabilities in Google’s Android Phone app

Google’s Phone app may additionally appear as simple as can be. Still, I’d be willing to bet it’s hiding a few excellent beneficial functions maximum folks have in no way noticed.

Nine. 2 beneficial Google Docs capabilities you, in all likelihood, aren’t the use of

Docs on Android have super functions that I usually forget to apply regarding neglected alternatives. And additionally…

10. Google Docs on Android has an enjoyable hidden alternative

If you use Docs but cope with Microsoft Office codecs for at least some time, you may need to recognize this inconspicuous little putting.

11. 30 tasty hints for Android Nougat

Got Nougat? A complete series of pointers will help you benefit from the whole lot your Android 7.0 or 7.1 software can do.

12. Oh, Oreo! Eight things to attempt while you get Android 8.0

And if you get Android eight 0 or eight.1 someday soon, right here’s a clean-to-comply with the checklist of its sweetest must-strive functions.

Thirteen. No Android 8. Zero? Here’s the way to get Oreo functions on any cell phone today

On the flip side, Follow those recommendations and enjoy a flavor of Oreo’s best factors on any Android tool — no Android 8. Zero improvement is required.

14. 5 clever apps for customizing your cellphone’s Quick Settings

Android’s Quick Settings panel (Nougat and better) is way mormore effective than it appears. Here’s a way to make the most of it.

15. How to make your smartphone’s Gmail notifications lots, an awful lot higher

By default, your phone’s e-mail indicators contradict you — however, there may be a higher manner.

16. How to show Google Assistant as an effective list-making device

It takes a few minutes to educate your Google Assistant, a very beneficial trick for the subsequent-stage corporation.

17. Android security audit: An eleven-step tick list

It’s painless, I promise — and you need to do it for at least 12 months.

18. I went on an Android app food plan, and I’ve in no way felt higher

I hate to deliver up diets ahead of vacations. Still, my revel in slimming down my Android app collection may make you observe twice your smartphone’s bulging waistline.

19. How to make unfastened calls out of your very own quantity on any vintage smartphone

Turn your vintage Android phone into a functional extension of your modern-day device with one download and two minutes of setup.

20. 20 great uses for a vintage Android device

There are extraordinary thoughts for giving an antique tool a new existence and making it beneficial again.