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Welcome to the hundred and fifty-fifth episode of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the headlines from the final week:

Google Duo has been out every week and has already exceeded five million installs. That’s pretty amazing for a video calling service trying to usurp all the other alternatives obtainable. The launch hasn’t been the best, and Duo revels in release insects. However, it should be a reasonably robust competitor because the platform matures. You may select it up right now without spending a dime in case you need to.

Reportedly, Pandora is close to launching a new tune provider to compete with Spotify and others. In step with The Wall Avenue Journal, the business enterprise has silently negotiated rights with document labels over the past few months. Pandora appears to be approximately finished with this technique. This has been rumored for some time, so it’s not a massive wonder. But, it virtually can be exciting.

Lenovo and Microsoft introduced a brand new partnership this week. The resulting collaboration will have destiny Lenovo devices transport with Microsoft apps, including Skype, OneDrive, and Microsoft’s Office suite. Also, this deal covers all smartphones below the Lenovo umbrella, including Motorola devices. We don’t know which smartphone may be the first to deliver with those apps hooked up. However, we consider that it will be too far off.

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This week, Samsung announced that they processed over 100 million transactions on Samsung Pay, leading to $ 1. seventy-eight trillion. This information came here briefly before the app’s first 12-month anniversary. Even if you don’t like Samsung Pay, you must admit that the numbers are remarkable. If nothing else, it proves that mobile bills are set out in a chunked manner. Here’s hoping ubiquity comes earlier than later. Samsung additionally announced that they have been shutting down Milk Music next month.

It was announced late closing week that Google is retiring Chrome apps for Home Windows, Mac, and Linux. Google’s reasoning for this is twofold. The first is that nobody’s truly using these apps out of the doors of ChromeOS, and Google Play will probably take over inside the app branch there anyway. The second one is that the Chrome group desires to loosen up Chrome a little; that’s first-rate information. The method will start later this year and end in early 2018.

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