The Linksys router that prioritizes Xbox One gaming is now available

That router Linksys showed off at CES this 12 months — sure, the one that prioritizes gaming traffic from Xbox consoles — is now for purchase inside the US. The WRT32XB is the primary router designed to routinely hit upon any Xbox One, along with the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X, and placed it above another device linked to its community. While it changed into manifestly created for severe Xbox gamers, a spokesperson advised us Linksys will roll out a software update this summer to allowing the router to prioritize all gaming visitors no matter the device, whether it is a console, a PC, or maybe a smartphone.

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Linksys global product supervisor Vince La Duca said in a statement:

“Gamers need overall performance and methods to decorate their sports play, so we have increased this WRT router with business enterprise exceptional hardware and custom software program equipment to provide game enthusiasts what they want and needed to conquer their fighters. This is the primary router to be had that is designed especially to discover and car-prioritize Xbox One in addition to Killer-enabled PCs to ensure the gaming and streaming experience is rapid and clean irrespective of what else goes on of their home network. Being the primary router in the ‘Designed for Xbox’ accent software, we had been capable of work with the Xbox crew to make sure and validate the WRT32XB gives you the networking needs for all Xbox One models, consisting of the new 4K Xbox One X.”

You can now get the tool from various stores, including Walmart and Microsoft Stores, and online through Amazon, Best Buy, and Linksys’ websites. It’ll set you again $250 and could include an unfastened three-month Xbox Game Pass club.

8 Easy Steps to Cascade Your Linksys Router to Another Router

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Linksys is an emblem producing domestic and small workplace networking products. The organization became founded in 1988 and was later received by Cisco gadget within 12 months 2003. The 12 months of 2013 brought trade in the management and internal networking department to Belkin. Now the product produced by using the agency is branded as Linksys with the aid of Cisco. However, none less, there is merchandise beneath Linksys brand call, which incorporates broadband and wireless routers.

In this newsletter, we will l talk approximately eight easy steps into attaching a Linksys router to any other router in your property or workplace. It is known as cascading, and cascading is carried while the person needs to beautify the performance of the older router or you have got some extra wireless or stressed device to be linked to the router. Another number one reason for cascading of routers consists of…

Expansion of the wireless network variety

Isolate the visitors of the network

In this situation, there is a first-rate router which in this example is Linksys. The 2d router also can be of Linksys or some other brand. It may be called a secondary router. The guidelines are exclusively for Linksys, so get it finished without difficulty if it Linksys router.

You could have to test that the principal router has an active internet connection before it is related to the secondary router. Now, if you want to attach it wi-fi, the technique is referred to as bridging. Bridging is supported using a ca India a the ned embathe LEM and on selected router fashions. There are mainly ways to connect a Linksys router to another router.

LAN to LAN: It is connecting one of the Ethernet ports of the Linksys router (most crucial router) to one of the Ethernet ports of the three secondary rothe user. This form of connection can be successful while the routers are on the same LAN IP phase.

LAN to WAN: It is connecting one of the Ethernet ports to the internet port on the old router. This form of cascading requires the primary router and the secondary router to have unique IP segments. If you’re sporting the relationship of LAN to WAN, you have to make certain that the routers have an exceptional IP address. This is important to avoid any sort of battle in the network.

After the primary facts permit’s flow to the stairs of cascading routers through LAN to LAN network

1. Note the IP cope with the principle router.

2. Connect your computer to the secondary router. It may be your computer or Laptop connected to the Ethernet ports of the secondary router.

3. Check the setup web page of the secondary router

4. Under the Basic Setup sub-tab, check for IP Address or Local IP Address. You will locate the identical IP address as stated inside the most important router; simply trade the quantity gift within the fourth field. For instance: Secondary router:

5. Set DHCP Server to Disabled

6. Save the putting

7. Now unplug the cable from the computer and join it to the Ethernet ports present on the primary router.

8. Power the secondary router, and once the Power light turns crimson/solid, you may check the connection.

Hope these statistics helped you; however, if any form of confusion is going for walks for your mind, touch Linksys aid. The support branch might be satisfied that it will help you at your first stand.