Latina Blogger Day by day Baez Tells Us What Makes Her “All American, All Latina”

We simply celebrated the only-year anniversary of POPSUGAR Latina, in which we requested our readers and followers to share some of their favorite things about their lifestyle. Examine directly to research what our highlight blogger, Daily Baez, loves maximum approximately being “all American, all Latina”:

POPSUGAR: What makes you an “all American, all Latina”?

Each day, Baez: I suppose I manipulate to have the satisfaction of each world. I follow all the rules and lifestyles within America without losing my identity as a Latina and Dominican. I have some laughs; there is constantly a cause to have a good time in the United States and usually a reason to have fun being a Latina.

Ps: What is certainly one of your favorite Latina-inspired traditions?


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DB: Noche Buena; this nighttime is simply magical and brings such a lot of recollections of my childhood again; the smell of cerdo en puya, teleras, pasteles, ponche, and Ensalada Rusa is first-rate . . . Even here in America, I try to re-create the same dinner I used to have as an infant in the Dominican Republic.

Playstation: Who in the Latina community do you look up to the maximum and why?

DB: I moved to the United States seven years ago, so my English is far from ideal, and I have a thick Dominican accessory. Once I first came, I was intimidated to talk with other human beings or Latinas who had been here for years, specifically in public. Still, Sofia Vergara gave me the braveness and the incentive to speak in public to be pleased with my accent. If she becomes so assured and does first-rate thingswith her accessory, t could, too.

Ps: Preferred Latin dish?

DB: My favored Latin dish is a brilliant stew or soup famous in the Dominican Republic called sancocho, #yummy. I am hungry right now.

Ps: Favorite Latin musician?
DB: I love many artists and items from throughout Latin America. However, I actually love Ricardo Arjona with a passion, even though my friends and I are always debating, and they’re trying to convince me to prevent liking him, but I like him.

Ps: Preferred Latina fashion icon?
DB: I’ve to say J LO because she is continually on factor, but also because she constantly reinvents herself and takes care of her body, doing lots of exercises and looking after her frame from the internal out.