Meet Stephanie Nicole, the YouTube Beauty Blogger Who Isn’t Afraid to be Honest

Stephanie Nicole can be considered an anomaly among many notorious Splendor bloggers on YouTube nowadays. Unlike bloggers, which include Jaclyn Hill, Jeffree Celebrity, and Manny MUA, who have over 1,000,000 subscribers, Nicole has less than three hundred 000 subscribers. But that hasn’t stopped her from getting considerable attention and making headlines.

On Reddit, Nicole is praised for her honesty in product-evaluation motion pictures and thorough research. “I like that she has the know-how and heritage revel in the enterprise to lower back up her claims and evaluations. She is aware of what she’s speaking about, and it’s apparent. She does not pull punches on reviewing merchandise, and they would not try to hype something up just to promote it to you,” writes Reddit consumer CupcakesAreTasty.

Nicole does not simply sit before the digicam and speak about a product. She drafts charts and component lists and presents them in movies to interrupt a product’s execs and cons. It becomes this attention to detail that had her inside the news in Can also while she broke down the elements in the method of the Kylie Lip Kits and found that they’re strikingly equal to those in ColourPop liquid lipsticks. Nicole additionally Is not afraid to name out bullying within the blogger network.

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Her latest video on Jeffree Celebrity garnered a couple of million perspectives, and she was even given a shoutout from Kat Von D on Twitter. Nicole’s unique and totally exclusive approach to YouTube Splendor running a blog that has her visible as a fresh and truthful voice in a sea of sponsored motion pictures. Here, we chat with her about her method, why she has not done a subsidized video, and why she desires the Beauty network to do more than peddle all the same products.

One of the predominant standouts of your motion picture review is that you are so knowledgeable. How long have you ever been blogging approximately Splendor?

“My alternative of labor is a manufacturer’s consultant for professional Beauty organizations. I paint the improvement aspect of brands and assist in amplifying present brands’ marketplace shares. My mother has been within the Splendor enterprise since I was approximately two, and I’ve usually attended these events. Several bloggers could say to me, ‘We need $five 000 to even recall reviewing your product,’ I would be like, ‘Woah, I did not even know it labored like that.’

I found out that I may want to do it. I’m 34 years-vintage, so I am probably 10 years older than [most bloggers]. No offense to those younger, 20-12 months-antique women, But I’m now not taking pores and skin-care recommendations from them. The issues that I’m trying to fight in my mid-30s are lots one-of-a-kind than the problems that they are seeking to fix.”

On that point, your motion pictures are unique to the maximum of the Beauty movies saturating YouTube. Commenters love how you aren’t afraid to mention what you didn’t like about a product in an evaluation. What is your approach?

“I just observed that most Splendor channels have ended up non-prevent infomercials. This is super for the producers and great for the content creators who can try this for a dwelling. However, it’s undoubtedly a new road of advertising That has come approximately in recent years. Once I observe my makeup stash, I have bought so much crap over time; a number of it is so awful that no one should even probably assume that it is proper, so I know it’s now not personal taste—I simply fell for a failed pitch.”

Can you explain how several bloggers can make money on their product critiques?

“I will get an email requesting a collaboration, and [the company] pays me $2,000 for a video. Or they want me to do this product placement, and I might get a coupon code, after which I deny it because it’s no longer a product I believe in. The next week, a similar product is in each available video. It truly is on my feed. Because consumers do not know, they should think, ‘Oh, this ought to have been simply one surely cool product that someone stated, and they all went out and tried it, and now anybody loves it.’ ….it is simply that we experience like we will agree with bloggers due to the fact we see their normal lives But feel extra betrayed by using them while we purchase something and assume, ‘Oh, this completely sucks.’ We are more likely to forgive them due to the fact we suppose, ‘Oh, But they have got a lovely canine, and they’re so sweet.”

Could you ever do a backed post or use a chit code?

“I can never do any codes because an amazing product should stand on its own. To me, coupon codes are like good buy basement deals, like buy this, and we’ll reduce this charge in half.”

I have read a lot of feedback from viewers who say they can consider you because they recognize you have accomplished plenty of research into the historical past and merchandise ingredients. Why is that so essential to you?

“All of our work so difficultly for our cash, and while it appears pretty innocent because ‘it is just makeup,’ there are so many higher merchandise accessible that deserve our money. Businesses need to supply higher-fine merchandise that elevates the whole enterprise. I imply that they get to place exquisite merchandise, and the customers are glad about their purchases. It’s a win-win.”

What is your study’s technique like?

“I am sort of know-it-all to a demanding point. It’s not that I think I recognize the entirety; I want to recognize everything. When I evaluate a product, I print out a 4-page listing of questions I want to answer. For liquid lipstick reviews, loads of them are first impressions. I have so many to do, so I do test-ins during the day so humans can see with their personal eyes and not accuse me of playing favorites or bashing a logo. However, I check out a product for a minimum of a week for eye shadows. Skin care takes even longer. Then, I go through my list and examine the delivery price and the value in line with an oz. Because the ones are the matters I want to recognize. People might think that stuff is uninteresting, but I love to check because I really like to present everybody with all the facts I would like to recognize. Do you know what an overview is without anything awful in it? It is an industrial.”