A Buffalo musician celebrates his past due father

He performed till he gave up until he couldn’t any longer. He by no means allowed how unwell he became, not even at some point in his weekly phone conversations with his son. He saw it as a sacred responsibility, this capability to make others experience exactly along with his music. And it didn’t depend if it changed into a tiny membership in Hamilton, Ont., or if it became irresistible back in the day while he was traveling as a member of James Brown’s Band, spreading the gospel of funk to theaters and arenas a long way and huge. He by no means blew a gig, and it wasn’t counted if 10 human beings confirmed up or 10,000.

Doyle “DJ” Jones died on Nov. 23 at the age of 72 due to complications from stomach cancer. He left at the back of a 50-year musical legacy. And with that legacy, he went to his son, famed Buffalo musician, band-chief, and educator Eric Tyrone Crittenden-Jones, the 2 guitars that had taken the adventure with him from Bastrop, La., in which he was certainly one of 13 kids born to the Rev. Peter Jones and the previous Roseline Jackson, to honky-tonks, clubs and live performance halls across the united states.

Buffalo musician

For Crittenden-Jones, the one’s guitars are more than assemblages of wood, twine, and magnet; they remind him of the song his father bequeathed to him. And they are witnesses as properly to the implicit demand that the son keeps the father’s work alive. The son plans to do precisely that. He’ll rejoice in his father’s existence and song with a Feb. Eight show at the Tralf Music Hall.

For most boys, their fathers are mythological incredible heroes, and it became no special for me,” Crittenden-Jones recalled while seated in his Amherst dwelling room a few feet from the urn protecting his father’s ashes. (In the hobby of complete disclosure, I should notice that I’ve acknowledged Crittenden-Jones for more than twenty years, a friendship thatwaso born within the mid-90s Buffalo tune scene we each habituated.)

“There are a few pix of me on James Brown’s bus and others of me on level fake-conserving my dad’s guitar – due to the fact I become, like, 2 on tnd all of that became throughout his tenure with James. I didn’t research all the other cats he performed with over the years – the Ink Spots, the Platters, the Dynamic Insiders, and a lot of and manyl he requested me to review his resume a few years ago. Iagoto, like, ‘Dad, critically!?’ He spoke back cavalierly: ‘Your dad is a horrific (expletive), what can I say?’ And he walked off.

“He is in no way regarded lower back to the past. Ever. For him, playing with those cats turned into as every day as washing your face. But for me, well, I turned into – and nonetheless am, a bit – speechless. Jones, the elder, changed into a traveling musician. Balancing family life with the road’s demands can be rough for all concerned. But Crittenden-Jones benefited from a bond cast through a track. Jones might also have been a man of few phrases, but they have been the right phrases, and they affected his son.

“One of my earliest musical reminiscences related to my dad became after I showed up for a weekend visit with my tenor sax and a grade 6 NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) solo I changed into making ready for an All-County Band audition,” Crittenden-Jones recalls. “He became interested in what it changed into I became running on, so I performed it for him. And he stated, ‘Sounds suitable, son; however, we don’t play that classical (expletive) around here. Play strains, son, traces. Like Sam and Dave … Play traces!’ ”

“It turned into usually approximately the pocket, about the soul, and about showmanship. Always. Now, along with his passing, I respect him a lot because those words were a philosophy that transcended the stage and made it into the area of life in general. He loved to live his existence to serving others, in that he lived to cause them to senseaccuracye, regardless of what. And he did so humbly. He by no means spoke of all his accolades. Don’t get me incorrect – he by no means lacked self-belief. But he never touted himself.”

Those instructions imparted via the daddy – honor the groove, let soulfulness be king, carry your A-recreation, however, be humble and serve others – took root in the son’s approach to tune and are evidence whenever his band, Critt’s Juke Joint, takes the level. They’re also in the middle of Crittenden-Jones’ approach to song training, which he has been concerned with for almost two years.

A Sweet Home High Schoo graduatel, he holds a bachelor’s diploma in tune performance and a master’s in schooling from SUNY Empire State College and SUNY Buffalo State College. He has carried them out to coaching stints at the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology, Villa Maria College, the Music is Art summer song camp, his very own Future Sounds of Buffalo application – which focuses on nurturing young musical expertise within the area – and most currently, as a Career and Technical Education Certified Music Teacher with the Buffalo Public Schools.

I requested Crittenden-Jones when he first discovered that music became it for him, that he might observe in his father’s footsteps and be a musician for the rest of his existence. “It fully hit me when I was playing and traveling with (Buffalo funk-jazz trio) TheWaz inside the overdue ’90s,” he said. “When you roll into Anytown USA, and you are welcomed with the aid of those who know your authentic song, your vibe, and your band as well as you do – it really is quite humbling, to mention the least. It sincerely hit home when we headlined a competition out in Nevada. It changedso thatt crazy to have all the ones humans display up for us.

With Critt’s Juke Joint, Crittenden-Jones has created a fiery gumbo marrying funk, blues, soul, and R&B. Though he’s an avowed fan of a wide variety of musical patterns, from Pink Floyd to Charlie Parker to the Grateful Dead to Rage Against the Machine and returned, the focus of the Juke Joint has become, in a feel, a celebration of his father’s influence. “Yes, it really is genuine,” he says. “But the Juke Joint is likewise a part of the American roots music existence. Arguably, tune as we have fun these days wouldn’t exist without the chitlin circuit sounds of those artists who crafted the roots, from the Jim Crow South to Harlem and back once more. We exist to honor that revel in. And my dad turned into simply a part of that.”

Though his father’s demise hit him tough – “It’s all nonetheless so surreal to me, guy, simply loopy surreal” – it is clear that track will play a major part in Crittenden-Jones’s recovery procedure. He plans to honor his father and have a good time in his life via gambling the tune that is his family inheritance. “Playing the one’s songs now could be my connection to him, to his reminiscence. As a medium to the tune’s message, Imusto pays it all ahead. Every time I hit it for a gig, every track I sing, and each word I play, I have constantly achieved with my parents’ love in my coronary heart. That will in no way exchange.”