Revolutionary Popularity of iOS 7 Is Opening New Doors for iOS Developers

Recently Apple posted a file stating the surprising success of the modern version of iOS.


In line with the report, within three months of its debut, about seventy-four percent of the devices bought by theorganizationn have iOS 7 as the working machine. And around 22 percent of the Apple customers are using iOS 6 on their gadgets which imply there is simplest 4 percent of users who are using multiple 12 months antique version of the operating gadget.

In line with the report, just within three months of its debut, about seventy-four percentage of the devices bought by the organization have iOS 7 as the working machine. And around 22 percent of the Apple customers are using iOS 6 on their gadgets which imply there is simplest 4 percent of users who are using multiple 12 months antique version of the operating gadget.

It’s an excellent fulfillment whilst compared to Android, which manages to deliver the simplest about 1/2 of its users on the four. X model, which became released in mid-2012 for the primary time. Relatively only 1.1 percent of Android customers are at the cutting-edge release.

Why It’s a Positive Sign?


For users- The fast success of the contemporary version of iOS isn’t beneficial simplest for developers but users as nicely. For customers, it gives the nation of the artwork functions and more suitable protection. It obviously improves the user revel in and increases the well worth and protection of Apple devices.

For developers- About developers, the advantages are pretty obvious. They shouldn’t expand and keep several variations to run on various hardware sets, and it facilitates inconvenient improvement and help. It’s well worth mentioning that the common sales of iOS developers are 5 instances of the Android developers’ common sales.

Android As opposed to iOS


Why iOS has Excelled- This success isn’t a just-like-that success; there’s a totally full-size purpose behind it. IOS 7 is well suited with as many as five years of antique hardware, making it possible for a massive segment of the customers to upgrade to the cutting-edge version. Nonetheless, a few capabilities don’t run on older hardware, like Siri, which is not going to run on iPhone four that turned into Currently discontinued via Apple. Through the manner, It is the best discontinued iPhone version to this point. So the iPhone 4S do not want to fear that Siri will flawlessly run on their devices.

Why Android is Lagging at the back of- On the other hand, Android gadgets are walking on multiple variations of the running gadget. Approximately one-fourth of the Android customers are Still at the version released in 2010, Android 2.3, Gingerbread. The Ice Cream Sandwich model released in 2011 is being utilized by about 20 percent of the users. The unfortunate part is that none of those two variations can be upgraded.

By going through all of the above data, one can easily apprehend how promising iOS development is. When you realize that the maximum of Apple users is using the trendy versions of the operating device, you can attain a wide audience via just a single app. It truly is why various corporations are choosing iOS app development and being significantly benefited via it.

If you haven’t long past for such an app in your enterprise, you should consider it as quickly as possible. Pick a great improvement organization and get a really perfect app developed to reach and engage with your all vintage, new and prospective customers.

What is Exciting in IOS 6?

IOS 6 is considered as one of the exceptional working structures for a few appropriate motives. Making a place for oneself in this type of competitive market is not a cake stroll. Permits have a look at the maximum Exciting features of iOS 6.

Share Image Circulation

one of the maximum trendy features in iOS 6 is the shared Photostreams, which allow users to Proportion sets of pix with buddies thru iCloud. The technique is pretty easy. Users just ought to Pick the pictures to be shared, faucet the percentage button, and Pick out the recipients. The iOS 6 will cope with the relaxation. The albums of Shared Photo Streams can throw snapshots routinely to different iOS 6 devices. Those albums can also be viewed on Apple Television or the net. Also, the users are allowed to touch upon any individual Picture shared through this feature.


The integration of Facebook in the course of the whole iOS has made sharing less complicated than ever. You could Proportion pictures to Facebook without delay from your digicam or images. Additionally, you’re allowed to publish your region just from the map. Birthdays and events can be displayed properly in the calendar, and the touch info of your Fb pals could be incorporated into your phonebook.


This new app from Apple is a smooth way to shop all your passes in only one area. You could keep your tickets, boarding passes, movie tickets, keep card apps like Starbucks, and so on. and might arrange them conveniently. And While you reach the location where you require any saved passes, iOS can experience and provide the bypass through a pop-up on your locked screen. The excellent thing is that the cards are live, i.E. in case of your gate modifications, When you are at the airport, the passbook updates According to the change routinely.


This model of iOS functions as a new Maps app that is included with vector-based map elements. It makes the pix and text easy, and it also makes it clear to a pan, tilt, and zoom. It’s now geared up with flip using turn navigation that may guide you to the vacation spot with spoken instructions. The never earlier than Flyover characteristic gives sensible interactive 3-D perspectives. It offers real-time site visitors updates that make you decide the period of your travel and advocate you trade routes that can keep a while.

better Siri

Siri in iPhone 4S allows customers to apply their voice for sending messages, scheduling meetings, placing smartphone calls, and so forth. However, the new superior Siri in iOS 6 offers lots greater than that. It can now provide the rating of a game, participant status, eating place information, movie info and many others. Except, customers also can make Siri launch apps.

Those superb functions of iOS 6 are making the entire world crazy approximately it, and It is an excellent opportunity for numerous groups to release iOS apps. IOS utility development can pay superb returns. It is a superb manner to interact with customers. but for the right outcomes, enterprise owners must Pick a great iOS app improvement enterprise