Pursuit of splendor: EDH photographer unearths inspiration in nature, family

El Dorado Hills resident Holly Fischer will debut a set of her flora, fauna, and landscape images this Friday evening at an art display unfastened to the public. A self-professed nature lover, Fischer didn’t come to be a professional photographer till the oldest of her three sons, now sixteen, became in primary school. She picked up a camera her husband, Eric, had at the start offered for himself and in no way regarded returned, soon becoming a member of the neighborhood images club, Chicks That Click, attending many workshops and honing her capabilities at the same time as visiting for shoots close to and a long way. Fischer will present 18-20 portions that Roger Thompson, proprietor of El Dorado Hills-based Lux Variations, published on canvas and framed for the display Try Updates. The show’s theme and the name are Pursuing Beauty, which Fischer stated is always her proposal while she takes pictures. “My love of nature, mainly mountains, the natural world, and lakes, drives me,” she said. “I pursue splendor in wildlife and want to encourage others to get out into nature, too. I am getting peace from nature and love taking my boys with me.”


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She has taken lovely pix regionally, including at Folsom Lake and Yosemite, during travels to Yellowstone, Switzerland, and the Cascade Variety in Oregon. Fischer will be present on the show hosted at Salone di Carlo Salon in El Dorado Hills to speak about her travels and the story at the back of the snapshots. Appetizers and beverages will be served. Fischer stated she became inspired to percentage her work after knowing the alternative permitted it to linger on her laptop. “I take these types of snapshots, and like many other humans, they sit on my tough pressure,” she said. “As my love for photography has grown deeper, my husband has been very encouraging. He, in the end, said, ‘You have to do something with all the one’s photos.'”

“My pictures express my love for the splendor God created on our earth,” Fischer endured. “Although my passion for photography is based in nature, I additionally experience photographing children and families in herbal settings. There’s nothing more than capturing a special fleeting moment that could tell a story 20 chapters long with one photograph.” Fischer said her last intention is to provide workshops inside destiny. “I need to train others to use their cameras to capture the splendor they see in nature,” she said. “Every person has a special eye for it.” 14-year-old El Dorado Hills resident’s longtime hairstylist and proprietor of Salone di Carlo, Carlo Gallad, advocated for her as nicely. “Holly’s pics are beautiful, and she or he is an outstanding photographer,” he said. “I just need to help her skills.” Fischer’s artwork may be on show at the salon for the subsequent month. “There are loads of possibilities coming to my manner,” she stated. “The more energy I placed toward it, the more doorways open.”