How to navigate the new settings’ menu in Android Nougat

When your phone gets a major replacement like Android Nougat, you may no longer think of Settings because it is the first element to run off and take a look at. But don’t underestimate the price of a number of the changes to this essential management panel. Android’s Settings menu has undergone a few tweaks that make it much easier to navigate and find what you need.
Getting there

Android Nougat

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Launching the settings is a similar manner to Marshmallow. Swipe down with palms from the top of the display and contact the gear icon at the pinnacle right. Instead, you may swipe as soon as possible and get the arrow and the tools.

Settings android nougat

With a swipe and a faucet, you’ll be into the Settings. But when you get there, you’ll find a few predominant categories with other abilties grouped below them. The quickest method is often to apply the quest bar on the pinnacle, right of the display. Simply type in what you need to locate, touch the result, and you’ll be taken there.
Nougat settings search

Overlook navigating the Settings menu. Simply look for what you want: My Update System. As the screenshots illustrate, now, not the simplest, does the quest feature find exclusive settings. However, it’ll discover c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a networks you’ve linked to in the beyond and particular capabilities inside distinctive capabilities. A beneficial addition to Nougat is a slide-out menu from the left. This permits you to navigate any other piece of the settings more quickly than operating your manner inside and out of the maze of various options.

Settings slide-out menu

The slide-out menu is a remarkable manner to navigate through the Settings. There are four most important groupings: Wi-Fi & networks, Devices, Personal, and System. It’s well worth noting the Machine UI Tuner has been moved here.

System UI tuner

Tweak the Settings even greater with the System UI Tuner. This lets you tweak some special factors. To get this with Nougat, a long press on the Settings gear for five seconds. You’ll then see a pop-up notification that you’ve enabled the Machine UI Tuner. Then, since unfastened to test away.