Hey, Black Lady… You’re Stunning: An Open Letter to Leslie Jones


This message is my way of wrapping my hands round you right now. You could no longer take into account me, however we met a long term ago thru a mutual friend in La. I used to live within the Valley and we spent time from time to time for a quick second. I helped you with some lively banners to your MySpace web page (yeah―that’s how lengthy ago it turned into). I thought in what you had been attempting to perform so I did what I should to assist. At some point of that point, my existence turned into a terrible mess. I had a string of bad roommates and hassle locating good enough paintings after being laid off. I was past broke and my automobile engine decided to catch on fireplace at the same time as I used to be using at the hundred and one expressway, so I used to be also left without an automobile within the San Fernando Valley within the middle of summer. I used to be slightly making it and our mutual friend become trying his exceptional to help inspire me via my stagnation. After giving up my condominium apartment because I couldn’t have enough money it, I spent 4 or five months sofa surfing before I was compelled to go back home to Minnesota. Technically homeless. Broken. Defeated. Strolling in the purple. You didn’t recognize that while you met me, but that’s where I was at.

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You could not take into account me because I’m just a regular Girl from Minnesota, who changed into just every other Los angeles transplant. My largest accomplishments to this point are being capable of have my artwork and writing pay for a few payments here and there over the years, having a few blogs go viral, and compiling a huge My Little Pony collection that I’m quite happy with. Oh yeah, I’ve a fab circle of relatives and a husband whose bizarre, adorable and seems to love me plenty for reasons I haven’t quite yet figured out after five years of being collectively. I’m just an element-time artist with a blue collar activity that gives me a particularly quiet life, full of the stableness I lacked whilst you and that i first met. There are a lot of factors about me which are alternatively forgettable. However, if someone asked me approximately you I might have to mention which you had been one of those human beings which might be clearly unforgettable.

I have usually had a love for comedy. I take into account my mom putting on Mothers Mabley albums at some stage in my youth. At one factor in my existence, I ought to recite most of Invoice Cosby, Himself verbatim. I ad infinitum watched George Carlin on HBO with my father, and is the reason a number of my cynicism, perspectives on organized faith and my dark sense of humor. Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy and Sinbad injected the fact of current whilst Black in a white supremacist society into my sheltered existence via comedy. As a pre-youngster and teenager, I might stay up overdue to report Def Comedy Jam on VHS, in which I have become partial to many Black comedians before they became the famous names that we realize nowadays. Returned then, there weren’t either many Black lady comedians in the leading edge like you are these days, however there have been a few that I cherished like Sommore. David Chapelle writes the satirical stories about lifestyles that I experience in my heart but I’m no longer funny enough to tell. I’m one of those humans this is only “funny in case you understand me”. You, Ms. Jones, keep one of the few keys to universally open hearts and that’s the strength of laughter. The job of a comic is to find the smallest details about our shared human enjoy and examine this info until the Stunning ironies and pains of existence become laughter and joy. Humans just like the aforementioned and you’ve got a present that I don’t. Comedians are the griots. Comedians speak the fact with our offense being taken into consideration a cause to know not speak that reality.

The first day I met you, our mutual buddy took me to a comedy membership to look a few live comedy in North Hollywood. I had never laughed so hard in my existence. All of us went Again to our mutual pal’s house and watched one in every of his acting scenes that become aired on a overdue night time talk show. I sat in a room complete of a hit comedians and actors, just on the point of becoming family names while I was getting ready to eviction. I used to be simply the no one pal of someone who’s a success. You gave me the best compliment that I’ve ever been given in the funniest way I’ve ever been given a compliment. I received’t repeat what was stated, however it becomes absolutely one of those hilarious moments that I giggle approximately on every occasion I remember the memory. That night time, I knew that I sat in a room of destiny stars. That’s why it changed into no marvel to me to see you stand up display on Netflix, which I have watched quite a few instances. It didn’t shock me in any respect to look you on Saturday night live or any of the comedy films that you had been in. None of this came as a shock to me, because I knew which you had that “it” component that could propel you into the realm you now reside. My pleasure from your predicted rise in movie star and accomplishments recently turned into disappointment as I examine on my timeline how you have got been dealt with in Hollywood. I’m writing you, now not as a fan, or as a blogger, or as someone who desires to experience at the contemporary headline. Black woman to Black girl, I needed to mention: Hey Black Lady, you are Lovely.