Easy tips to find out how fast is your internet speed!

As the world shifts towards a digitized era, the need for the internet increases rapidly. Today, every home or business, big or small, needs the internet. Internet is not a luxury anymore. It is a necessity today. Therefore, all of us need to understand the workings behind the internet. If you don’t need internet just to browse Facebook, you need a good broadband connection for you and your home. You need to understand the internet to analyze your needs and choose the right plan for yourself. A simple Google search for ‘internet near me’ can give you possible Internet Service Providers in your area. Before selecting the one for your home, let’s understand some basic terminology related to the Internet.

internet speed

Internet-related terminology you just need to know
  • Wifi: wifi is a wireless connection technology that allows the internet to be transmitted and used by various devices in your home without wired connections. A Wi-Fi setup needs a functioning modem and router centrally located for the best results.
  • Bandwidth: In simple terms, bandwidth is the capacity of a network. It means the number of devices and frequencies a network can handle simultaneously. The more bandwidth, the more data can be transferred in a given period. It also determines how many devices can be connected to a network without extreme reduction in the internet speed.
  • Download Speed: It determines how quickly or how much your router takes to receive data from an external source.
  • Upload speed: Tell how long it takes to send data from your network to an external source.
Your internet usage and bandwidth you need

The type of activities you do online determines how much bandwidth you need. If you have basic streaming and work-from-home setup, a basic plan for one will work wonders for you. But, if you live in a family where everyone uses the internet regularly, more bandwidth is required.

If you use Netflix to stream movies regularly, you need a connection that offers you speed between 10-30 Mbps for standard and 4K Ultra HD viewing.

SD streaming of Videos3-4 Mbps
HD streaming of Videos5-8 Mbps
Ultra HD 4K streaming of videos25-30 Mbps

Or let’s say you need the internet just for working from home, which involves no video streaming; you still need 25 Mbps for proper workflow.

A Zoom video call requires at least 2 Mbps of minimum download speed. Online students or work professionals must keep this number in mind before making any connection. If you don’t know what speed your relationship gives, just type ‘my internet speed’ online and conduct a speed test. Airtel Speed Test gives you accurate results for your real-time internet speed and Download and Upload speeds.

Gaming also requires good upload speed with a low ping rate and latency. Therefore, you need to get a fast internet connection to achieve a low ping rate of 20 ms or less. You can also play an online multiplayer game with a ping rate between 20 ms to 100 ms.

How to check your internet speed to choose the right internet plan for yourself?

You need to check the internet speed of your current provider to understand if you have the right plan for you and your family. It is pretty easy to check the same.

  • Go online and open a Chrome window (or any other web browser).
  • Conduct a search for ‘my internet speed.’
  • You will see the Airtel Speed Test tab on the search engine page results
  • Run the test to determine the speed of your wifi, ethernet connection, or your mobile. You need to click on Go for the test to run.
  • The speed test results by Airtel include the download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter.

Once you get the results, compare them with the promised speed by the provider. If you are getting an 80% score of the promised rate, then it is a good score. You don’t need to search for internet near me or my speed with Airtel Broadband. The telecom giant provides a broadband plan for everyone! Starting as low as 499, the Airtel Broadband suits homes and businesses! Check out the website to know more!