Breast expansion ad starring blogger That Pommie Woman banned

A Tv advert proposing a style blogger selling breast expansion has been banned irresponsibly, implying to young girls that surgical operation will make them greater popular and confident.

Cosmetic surgical operation enterprise Remodel ran a Tv advert presenting 21-year-old fashion blogger Sarah Ashcroft, also known as That Pommie Girl, who has almost six hundred,000 fans on Instagram and Twitter.


The ad featured Ashcroft speaking enthusiastically about the fantastic effect enlarging her breasts has had on her existence.

“I in no way without a doubt looked at any a part of my frame beyond my neck as it wasn’t something I liked,” she said.

“I feel like a new individual, from having not anything to them searching at yourself with boobs, it turned into the weirdest aspect. Everyone became like, ‘wow, they look so natural; I’m so impressed. And to come far from it feel 10 instances greater assured than you have been, I suppose, is just a brilliant feeling.”
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The Advertising Standards Authority, which in 2014 warned YouTube and social media stars to be cautious about how they sell products, received a grievance that the ad changed into irresponsible and dangerous to young girls beneath the age of 18.

The complainant stated ad exploited young ladies’ insecurities about their bodies by using implying that breast enhancement surgery might cause them to be more confident and famous.

Defending the ad, Transform said that there are a few human beings accessible who simply dislike Beauty surgical procedures in step with se.

It stated that Ashcroft became representative of “many independently minded, responsible, considerate, state-of-the-art and successful younger females who chose to go through Cosmetic surgery”.

Remodel said that Ashcroft’s testimony “can be regarded with neutrality” due to the fact she selected to use Remodel for her personal reasons and paid for her process previous to being approached to feature within the advert.

The organisation also stated that her testimony turned unscripted.

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On Remodel’s website, in a segment referred to as “meet the girls”, Ashcroft’s earlier than and after photographs have been proven.

The company boasted that the tie-up with Ashcroft, which covered a series of pre-and post-surgery movies, led to more than 250,000 video views on YouTube.

The ASA said the ad’s cognizance of Ashcroft’s non-public experience was supposed it would have a direct appeal to young ladies and teen ladies. Ashcroft lately retweeted one fan’s publish and image recognizing her within the Rework advert on Television.
Whilst we favored that Ms. Ashcroft did now not explicitly link Cosmetic surgical operation together with her reputation or fulfillment, we considered that viewers would, despite the fact that infers from Ms. Ashcroft’s emphasis on her personal transformation and the degree of self-belief she said she had received that her reputation and achievement as a style blogger have been, in component, an end result of Beauty surgical treatment.”

The ASA banned the Television business to break the Advertising code relating to social duty, damage, and offence.

“Although Ms. Ashcroft’s was a personal story, be taken into consideration that the ad recommended greater generally that fulfillment and popularity would be enhanced by way of achieving an idealised body photograph, which can be carried out via ‘correcting’ any perceived imperfections,” stated the ASA. “In light of those factors, we concluded that the advert became irresponsible and probably to purpose damage to those below 18.”