How to Use the WordPress Plugin for Slider Images 

WordPress is a powerful and popular content management system (CMS) millions worldwide use for their websites. We will show you how to use the WordPress plugin for slider images so that you can create your own slideshow for your website. When you add photos to your blog, there’s always the chance they will look a little funny. That’s why plugins are important to help you create a great-looking slider image. A slider image is one of the most powerful tools on your blog or website. They’re easy to add, and they allow you to show off a large number of images in one place. But when creating one, you might have a few questions. A slider is one of the best ways to add photos to your blog posts. This article will cover creating a WordPress plugin for a slider image. It will explain a WordPress plugin and how to use it to make a slider image. This great plugin will allow you to quickly create a cool, eye-catching, easy-to-read slide show perfect for your posts.

How to Create a Slideshow

There are many different reasons to use a slideshow on your site. Let’s go through some of the most common.

WordPress Plugin

1. Showcase a series of images in one place

This is one of the easiest and most powerful uses of a slideshow. If you have a series of images, you can easily create a slideshow that allows your readers to see the entire collection.

2. Display a set of products

A slideshow can also be used to showcase a bunch of products. This is especially useful if you sell physical goods or sell items with a high number of variations.

3. Highlight an event

A slideshow can also be used to highlight an upcoming event or conference. This is a great way to get attention for an event and get people to share it on social media.

4. Feature a set of related articles

You can use a slideshow to highlight a specific collection of articles related to a topic. This is a great way to quickly share an essay on a topic that you’re passionate about.

5. Share a series of videos

If you’re selling a product or service that requires a lot of instructional content, you can use a slideshow to feature a series of videos. This can be a great way to promote your business.

Adding images to your slider

Creating a slider image is easy but requires a few steps. Let’s take a look at how you can create a slider that looks great. First, head over to the plugin manager and install the WP Slider plugin. Next, visit the Media Library and click on Upload Files. From here, you can either upload a new image or drag and drop an existing file. Once you’ve uploaded a picture, you can resize it as needed, set the slide transition, and adjust the speed. To add the photos, you can either select multiple files at once or drag and drop them one by one. Once you’re done, you can use the “Create Slide” button to create a slider. When you’re finished, click the settings button to ensure everything is where you want it.

Customize WP Slider Images with CSS

With WordPress, you can customize your slider images by using CSS. This is done by making the background image property of an element match a custom image. To do you’ll edit the style sheet for your theme. The easiest way to do this is to go into your dashboard and click the “Appearance” tab. You can find the Theme file, and you can change the background image. This function accepts two arguments: $attachment, which is the ID of the image you’d like to display, and $size, which is the size of the image you’d like to show.

Choose from two different sliders.

There are two types of slider plugins available for WordPress:

* Static: The first type of slider uses images of the same size.

* Carousel: The second type of slider uses images that vary in size, creating a carousel-like effect.

While both work, the second option gives you more image control. For example, you can change the image size, add captions, and position each image independently.

I will use the latter option because it allows you to do more with less.

Here’s how you create a carousel image:

1. Upload a maximum of six images.

2. Position them according to the order you want them to appear.

3. Add a caption for each image.

4. Adjust the size of the images as you wish.

5. Create a loop to repeat the carousel regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions Slider Images

Q: What is the name of the plugin?

A: The plugin’s name is Slider Images.

Q: Is it necessary to use the plugin to have an image slider?

A: No. You can set up any photo gallery using your images, but the plugin will make your blog look great!

Q: How does the WordPress plugin work?

A: The plugin automatically replaces uploaded images with a slideshow of all the pictures uploaded.

Top 3 Myths About Slider Images

1. Slider Images are not compatible with WordPress 4.6 and above.

2. Slider Images are not compatible with the new WordPress Theme Framework.

3. The images will automatically be converted into sliders.


I will suggest a couple of different plugins you can use to create a slideshow. As you can see, there is a wide range of plugins available. I recommend taking your time to research each one and find the one that suits your needs. As you get to know your WordPress dashboard, you’ll see the tools you use with it. For example, the post editor allows you to upload images and insert text into your posts.