Ulysses is now a rattling proper WordPress editor for Mac and iOS

This might sound like inside baseball, but I’ve been using Ulysses for all my writing for some months. It’s a rock-strong, nicely designed-writing app for iOS and macOS. And now, the app helps you to submit on any WordPress internet site with a local expert display screen, amongst different matters.

Ulysses is a Markdown text editor that gets out-of-the-way so that you can pay attention to your writing. However, it becomes a powerful writing studio you want to shape your textual content and add notes, tags, and images; most importantly, Ulysses is the exact app on iOS and macOS, proving that you can make professional apps for the iPhone and the iPad. The agency behind it received an Apple Design Award at WWDC. It costs $ forty-five on the Mac and $25 on iOS.


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Returned in March, I wrote approximately my setup in terms of writing TechCrunch posts. I’ve been capable of writing and publishing on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and I can choose any of these devices and write an entire put up. And of the path, I will start a put-upon my telephone and end it on my Mac later. This pliability has been key to my writing. And yet, publishing a publish to our CMS (WordPress) wasn’t clean. I needed to prepare a Ruby script on my Mac and mess around with the automation app Workflow on my iOS gadgets. However, few writers need to discover how they can take gain of the WordPress API.

That’s why Ulysses helps local WordPress publishing. Now, besides Medium, you can export any submission to a WordPress weblog. There are numerous alternatives for WordPress specialists. You can choose to put up now, schedule a post for later, or upload it as a draft in WordPress. You can tweak the kinds, tags, and URL slug. You could even set an excerpt and function image from Ulysses. Ultimately, you may choose between exporting in Markdown and HTML, as WordPress supports each Page Design Web.

Those functions aren’t simply available on macOS;; they’re also all to be had within the iOS app. And if you understand how complex it is to submit something on a WordPress website from your iPhone or iPad, you recognize why this replacement is essential. I’ve been using the local exporter for a few weeks, and it works properly. And the less time I spend inside the WordPress backend, the better I experience.