The very best paid employees in Silicon Valley aren’t software program engineers

In Silicon Valley, software program engineer Do Savor is synonymous with eye-watering repayment. Monthly salaries for engineering interns (about $ eighty-one, six hundred in line with yr annualized) are about two times the median salary in the relaxation of the of a. Even as the reality of high-paying coding jobs is not incorrect, programming isn’t the most straightforward manner to climb Silicon Valley’s career ladder, and it’s really no longer the maximum moneymaking.

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Online hiring platform Employed launched a record on Aug. 25, studying 31,146 interview requests from 1,848 organizations made through Hired’s platform in the first 1/2 of 2016. Their findings show product managers continuously get the highest profits gives, $133,000 on average. Software program engineers had been presented a median of $123,000 observed with the aid of designers at $115,000 all through the second region of 2016. Analyses of H1B paintings visas and Glassdoor records from Google, Facebook, and different tech giants arrive similar conclusions.

The earnings gain for product managers has the simplest grown, says Hired’s information scientist Jessica Kirkpatrick. “We see that software program engineers have always been paid less than product managers, but that the pay hole has widened over the past year,” she wrote by way of an email. The fashion holds after accounting for enjoyment. Software engineers, on average, are paid approximately 10% less than product managers of their first yr in addition to after six or more years of revel in.

Product control abilties are coveted, argues Ken Norton, a former Google product manager and partner at GV, Google’s venture arm, because “in the long run extraordinary product management usually makes the distinction among triumphing and losing.” Product managers ought to shepherd a product from idea to crowning glory through putting the vision, know-how clients, imposing timelines, coping with groups, and keeping an eye fixed at the commercial enterprise version.

Whilst software engineers enter product control roles, a pc science education isn’t required. It’s no longer even the most crucial skill, says Hunter Stroll, former director of product management at Google and the co-founder of the task fund Homebrew. “The fine product managers own a vast set of capabilities which allow them to in some ways manage sporting those multiple hats,” he writes. Walk himself holds a bachelor’s diploma in history and an MBA.

The most effective function that tops product managers’ salaries–and best briefly in 2015–became statistics scientist, says Hired. That anomaly is not likely to crop up soon, says Kirkpatrick. Interview requests for facts science candidates grew by means of 20% during the past zone, the most of any function, but the number of facts science candidates on Hired grew by 50%. That oversupply is in all likelihood to power down salaries.