The Best Tokyo Tips According to Our Readers

For the first time on “Hack Your City,” we went way out of doors our ordinary anglophone range. While most variants of this column boil right down to restaurant and bar recs, our Tokyo edition addresses a few greater essential differences that an American tourist desires to recognize. If you’re journeying for the first time, study all 66 of the satisfactory comments on the unique put up. But for folks who are just curious, we’ve compiled the highlights below.
“Don’t touch the taxi doorways,” says KumquatRodeo. “They’ll vehicle open/near and also you aren’t imagined to contact them.”
To speak better with taxi drivers, says maracas, “maintain the motel commercial enterprise card in your wallet or your smartphone, but ensure the cope with is in Japanese.”

The Best Tokyo Tips According to Our Readers 1
“The view from the Tokyo Metropolitan government building was superb,” says crs12. “Do it in the course of the day and it’s unfastened!”
Narita Airport is an hour and a 1/2 outdoor the town. “Pre-purchase your bus price ticket to Tokyo PRIOR to getting on the plane,” says YeahRight, or you would possibly leave out the final experience out and should stay overnight at an airport resort.

There are vicinity maps hooked up across the metropolis, says LittleJohnHarrisonFordPrefect, but they’re typically oriented in the direction of the path you’re going through, no longer toward the north.
“Eating ‘low grade’ Japanese beef is already higher than what we get inside the states,” says hippopotamus. “They deal with their cows very well so no need to splurge on the Wagyu or Kobe.”
Arosukekeke lists a few notable attractions and activities, like this: “Ladies’ Day is each Wednesday and you could locate masses of deals at each keep in Tokyo in case you are a female client.”
“Look up the nearby holidays earlier than your experience,” says Kenopoly1. For example, this week many stores closed for Coming of Age Day (a party of every person who became 20 in the remaining 12 months).
There are no trash cans at the streets of Tokyo. “I carried a large ziplock bag in my backpack to hold my garbage,” says Broken-Spoke-Boy. “I simply dealt with all of my garbage on the cease of the day,” Saritasara says you may locate bins on educating systems and on the front of convenience stores. Kenopoly1 says you may take your trash again to the vendor you bought it at.

Tokyo’s 7-11s are vital. They have wifi, and their ATMs take American cards. “The food great is fantastic and they have the whole thing you’ll need there for outstanding charges,” says JosieFluffyPants.

Navigation may be complicated, as Japan numbers address through the block, not with the aid of avenue, says Iota. Google Maps is essential, as is wifi. Bring a portable hotspot, or depend upon wifi at Starbucks and educate stations. And at the same time as you’re on wifi, download a nearby map (an available Google Maps function), says emrichar. Even whilst you’re without wifi or cell service, GPS will work.

Everyone recommends Tokyo’s train gadget. But you have to learn to navigate it. (Remember, the trains stop at 1 AM.) Geoviki gives an in-depth breakdown of the machine in and out of Tokyo. Some highlights:

JR rail passes are a first-rate deal in case you’re journeying outside Tokyo. You have to buy it online outside Japan earlier than you pass, in increments of seven, 14, or 21 days.

The Best Tokyo Tips According to Our Readers 2

It’s no longer price-effective to apply the JR bypass most effective for the lines within Tokyo, so don’t add greater days or buy it handiest for the Tokyo a part of your journey. Use a Pasmo/Suica card rather.

Unlike maximum cities, Tokyo’s Metro/subway machine isn’t always owned via one entity but numerous private businesses. That can make the metro/train stations more confusing. Each station may have more than one corporations and their tracks in it, so look for the organization you’re using.

Check out YouTube for many “how-to-get-through X station” motion pictures.

And if you do cross outdoor the town, e-book your seat in advance or you could possibly get caught status, says Cassidy paul.

The train loops around Tokyo in both directions, so in case you get a day pass, you could just take it around. And you may save your stuff at the teaching stations, says viralpotato:

Make use of the coin-lockers placed in the stations to keep your bulky luggage/purchases. You can even shop big-length hard instances at teaching hubs whilst you’re off on an in a single day journey outside of Tokyo.

GuB says you can live in an internet café for even less than a tablet resort:

Internet cafés are a widely known cheap resort substitutes. You have a small, personal cubicle with either a comfortable chair or a ground mattress (“flat”), showers are to be had. You pay via the hour but they often have packages for 8 or so hours which can be best for drowsing.

Internet cafés are anywhere and open 24/7. There is probably one towards the place you’re traveling than the nearest metro station. No planning required unless there is a massive event nearby.

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The Best Tokyo Tips According to Our Readers 3

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