Texas mother charged after video of abused toddler surfaces on Facebook

The video showed a 1-yr-vintage boy strapped in a vehicle seat, whimpering and squirming as a girl’s voice spoke from out of the body.

“Tell your daddy,” the female stated. “That is what happens while you sit around and play with human beings.”

She continued: “Now, that is what you get.”

She then struck the kid in his torso with a closed fist, yelling an expletive because the infant screamed.

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That was the least Facebook of the abuse video Janelle Andrea Peterkin of Humble, Texas, inflicted on her son, in keeping with prosecutors.

Final month, the 23-12 months-vintage mother allegedly filmed and took dozens of photos of herself beating the kid – at one point putting a bag over his head and burning his hand with a lighter – then despatched them to the daddy, her ex-boyfriend.

The scary images failed to floor till Final week, after a relative located them, alerted police, and posted them on social media, the Houston Chronicle said.


Peterkin was regarded in court on Monday after being arrested. A remaining week on a toddler endangerment rate, consistent with nearby media. A judge reportedly released her on a $15,000 bond after ordering her no longer to return within 2 hundred ft of her son. It is not clear if she has a legal professional.

Prosecutors said officers “saw a video of the complainant in a car seat and a grownup hand changed into visible stuffing a plastic bag into the mouth of the complainant, who seemed to have issue respiratory. Officers additionally saw another nevertheless image of the complainant . . . With a plastic bag over his head, overlaying the face and tying it in a knot.”

Whilst Peterkin informed the choice her mom became coming to select her up from prison with the toddler in tow, the choose gave her a stern warning, announcing she’d discover every other trip, in step with KPRC.

“In case you get inside 200 toes of the child whilst this order is pending, she will have to convey that infant to 701 San Jacinto to go to you because you’re going to be in jail,” the choose stated.

After Peterkin became arrested Ultimate week, she told officers she despatched the images because she became angry with the toddler’s father, in line with KPRC. The alleged abuse changed into recorded in a car parking zone close to the Eastex Throughway. Prosecutors stated she failed to get the kid hospital therapy.

“She sent the photos to her ex-boyfriend to disturb him,” prosecutors said, according to the Chronicle.


Ra’neicha Broadnax of Richmond, Virginia, sister of the baby’s father, said she determined dozens of videos and images of the alleged abuse Ultimate week and suggested them to police. She instructed CW39 the daddy might not have noticed them because he had become at the “do not disturb” characteristic on his phone for Peterkin’s quantity.

“Once I noticed the video, I had to ask the police if he becomes nonetheless alive,” Broadnax told Valley Crucial. “I concept she had killed him.”

Broadnax said police in Humble gave her the impact that the branch could do nothing to respond, so she published a number of the pictures to Facebook. Inside an hour, local police contacted her, she informed Valley Important.

A standard police department spokeswoman informed the Houston Chronicle that officials needed to music down Peterkin’s deal within another jurisdiction.

“When at first referred to like us, she did no longer have a cope with,” Capt. Melinda Bradshaw stated. “We got here up with an address based on the Closing call. We promptly contacted Precinct 4 and gave them the statistics. We can’t inspect something in any individual else’s jurisdiction.”

Broadnax advised nearby media the infant is safe and dwelling with relatives in Texas.

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