Swiftkey launches emoji-predicting Swiftmoji keyboard for Android and iOS

Don’t forget some months in the past when Swiftkey, fresh off an acquisition by using Microsoft, launched a keyboard that would help you write like Shakespeare? The enterprise has discovered that no person wants to write like the Bard; they want to write down with emoji. Nowadays, they may be pleasing your dream of quickly finding the right emoji. This is your dream, right?


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On iOS and Android, Swiftmoji uses Swiftkey’s phrase-prediction strength to help you choose the precise emoji. On Android, the keyboard works much like the main Swiftkey keyboard, using your past typing history to expect what you may type subsequently. It seems a touch more whimsical and has an ever-gift row of emojis above the phrase predictions. As you order, that emoji-prediction row updates to reveal an emoji associated with what you simply typed. In any other case, it works tons as Swiftkey does, with the same effective phrase-swiping, vehicle-correct, and word prediction skills, so you do not need to give up your favorite features.

On iOS, Swiftmoji acts a bit differently. It does not update your standard keyboard; however, it augments it. You write some text, then transfer it to the Swiftmoji keyboard by tapping the globe icon within the decrease left. You’ll be presented with a page of emojis based on the textual content you just typed. It’s probably a more thoughtful answer for iPhone users, who’ve had more regulations for a while and the way custom keyboards can perform. You don’t need to exchange everything; you may just upload a brief emoji to the stock iOS keyboard.

The story behind the story: Earlier this year, Swiftkey was received by Microsoft, who said the employer would keep developing keyboards for iOS and Android. Given Windows’ minimal percentage of the cell market, this makes sense—the organization receives to attempt new technologies with millions of users before integrating the fine features into Microsoft’s very own contact keyboards for Home windows. Does this suggest we’ll see emoji prediction within the Home Windows keyboard within the Destiny? If Swiftmoji takes to the air, such a choice might make sense.