Raine Takes a Stake in ‘Planet of the Apps Creator

Since its inception eight years ago, the Raine Group has sought to invest in promising new content vendors. Now, it’s having a bet on Propagate Content, the company that created the first unique collection for Apple and Twitter. Raine plans to announce on Tuesday that it has invested in Propagate, an independent studio led by the veteran television executives Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens. Financial terms were now not disclosed. Raine has also invested in nascent media businesses, perhaps first-rate, known as the boutique investment bank that counts Sprint and Steve Ballmer as clients. The company took a stake in Vice six years ago, nicely earlier than the media company won its present-day valuation of $ 5.7 billion. It has sponsored Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville and the delusion sports site DraftKings.


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Apple’s First Foray Into Original TV Is a Series Of Apps MARCH 24, 2016

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Now, it is making an investment in Propagate. This almost three-yr-vintage company created “Planet of the Apes,” a fact display pitting app developers against each other and starring Gwyneth Paltrow and could.I.Am., for Apple, and “#WhatsHappening,” a look at the day’s trending subjects, for Twitter. The enchantment: Propagate aims to create content for new global digital media and worldwide systems. Propagate was based on Mr. Silverman, who is high-quality known as the previous NBC Entertainment co-chairman and the television producer who brought “The Office” and “Ugly Betty” to the United States, and Mr. Owens, a former president of National Geographic Channels who formerly helped create “The Biggest Loser” and the American model of “MasterChef.”

Propagate has focused on locating new sources for shows. Beyond “Planet of the Apes,” the studio has produced “Lore,” a show primarily based on the podcast of the equal call for Amazon, and a remake of the collection “Charmed” for CBS. It is likewise generating content in exclusive regions, including a French series for Netflix and a sequence in Spanish for Mexican broadcasters. Propagate is creating partnerships with Ms. Paltrow and the singer Zac Brown for greater content primarily based on their manufacturers. “These guys suppose worldwide from the very beginning, and the formats and shows that Ben and Howard have advanced are some of the satisfactory examples of customizing content to one-of-a-kind markets and cultures,” stated Joseph Ravitch, a founder of Raine.

With the new coins, Propagate plans to retain increasing, mainly internationally and in digital content, Mr. Silverman said. Raine joins A+E Networks in Propagate’s nook. “This new investment will accelerate their growth and output of content material and transform them right into a powerhouse indie studio,” Nancy Dubuc, the chief government of A+E, said of Propagate in an announcement. As part of the investment, two Raine executives — Mr. Ravitch and Erik Hodge, the top of the firm’s amusement practice — will be part of Propagate’s board.

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