Mobile apps to improve MSEDCL consumer services


MSEDCL, that is at the leading edge of using information and Cellular era to enhance its services, has taken a large soar ahead. It has released Cellular programs for its employees, so one can make the operating of the employer at discipline level nearly paperless. It’ll additionally boom its performance. Clients will need to check in themselves with MSEDCL for availing the gain of these offerings. One of the packages is associated with renovation shutdowns undertaken by means of MSEDCL on Wednesdays. At gift, MSEDCL floats commercials in a few newspapers on rotation basis informing Purchasers about the shutdowns. This is a completely useless way of disseminating the information because Clients normally enroll in one or newspapers. Furthermore, they will pass over seeing commercial.

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Now, the junior engineer in price of the 11 KV feeder will add shutdown schedule into MSEDCL system through a Mobile app. The device will then send textual content messages to all involved Purchasers registered with MSEDCL. Customers will get to recognize approximately the shutdown an afternoon in advance. records approximately power breakdowns will also be furnished in a comparable fashion.

There may be another app for meter readings. The meter reader has to take a image of the power meter using the app. If the reader is not able to take the studying he will make an entry for average invoice. In this case a textual content message can be despatched to the client worried. If the patron has downloaded MSEDCL’s Cellular app, he can take the reading the usage of his Cell and ship it to MSEDCL. It will save you issuance of average invoice.

In case of new connections, junior engineers will not be required to do spot inspection. The lineman will input the vital statistics like distance of electric pole from the spot, load at the transformer, and so on., through an app. If there are not any hurdles, a call for note will robotically be generated and emailed to the customer.

The Mobile apps may also assist MSEDCL in strength audit. The substation operators ought to make access of the electricity intake on a feeder each hour. Thus far, this was carried out manually and readings entered in registers. Now this can be finished through an app and the records can be right away updated in MSEDCL gadget.