Man jailed for stealing judge’s computer

KAMPALA – A 30-year-antique man will serve twelve months in prison after pleading for stealing a computer belonging to Nakawa Court Chief Magistrate Jameson Kamani.

Alex Wandwasi turned into handed the sentence using Nakawa Court Grade One Magistrate Jackeline Kagoya in a full court.

The magistrate also left out please with the aid of Wandwasi to caution or give him a non-custodial sentence, announcing he did now not deserve mercy after stealing from a courtroom.

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Wandwasi had asked the court to grant him a non-custodial sentence on grounds that he had learned a lesson for the one month he had spent on remand and he was now a reformed individual.

“I request the court to forgive me so that I can cross back and appearance after my family. I actually have learned a lesson, and I will by no means do it again,” Wandwasi had stated.

Man jailed for stealing judge’s computer 1

A resident of Kiganda in Kira Municipality, Wandwasi wore a checkered blouse and denim and seemed crestfallen earlier than the Justice of the Peace.

According to Johnson Twebaze, a safety officer at the court docket, Wandwasi stole the computer when the magistrate changed into an assembly with other judicial officers.

“I turned into passing around the magistrate’s workplace after I located him stealing the laptop. When he saw me, he took off, and I communicated to officials at the gate, who arrested him,” Twebaze told the court.

Annet Nakajumba, the deputy head of protection at the Nakawa courtroom, discovered that some of the valuables belonging to the court docket team of workers, including cellular telephones, were stolen earlier.

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Man jailed for stealing judge’s computer 2

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Man jailed for stealing judge’s computer 3

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