Kendrick Lamar is releasing another album on Sunday, according to internet sleuths

Kendrick Lamar’s new album Rattling.


Dropped ultimate night. Anticipation turned high, and Kendrick’s fanatics reacted to the album the way the internet has taught them to: by way of dissecting it for clues. Clues approximately what? You, someone who’s merely content to have this album, would possibly ask. Clues about every other album, the net might respond. In line with a principle floating around and unexpectedly growing, Lamar goes to launch some other album this Sunday, and it’s known as Kingdom.

Let’s again up. The idea seems to have started out Sunday ago with a internet thread inside the subreddit r/Kendrick Lamar. The pervading idea is supported with the aid of the truth that nowadays it is good Friday (an afternoon that marks the crucifixion of Jesus in Christianity). Two days from now is Easter Sunday (an afternoon that celebrates his resurrection from the lifeless). Damn + State = Damnation.

As with every internet conspiracy theory, the clues don’t prevent there; however, they get tons stranger. For example, if you integrate the letters within the Rattling tracklist that appear against a white wall on the album’s back cover, they make an anagram for “Earth led 2 demises.” Others have speculated it’s without a doubt an anagram for “dying 2 the chief,” however, there aren’t enough E’s for that to paintings. And at the Rattling album cover, the “M” hangs over Kendrick’s head in a manner that, in case you squint, should seem like satan horns. If you imagine comparable art for an album called Nation, the “O” ought to appear like a halo. any other “clue” is a line from “The Coronary heart Part IV,” a one-off single that Lamar launched at the end of March: “I said it is like that, dropped one classic, came proper back / ‘Nother classic, right again / My next album, the complete enterprise on an ice % / With TOC, you notice the flames / In my E-Y-E’s; it’s not a recreation.”

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internet sleuths have determined that “TOC” stands for “The other Color.” The primary song on Damn is referred to as “Blood,” and the album’s name appears in purple. In this case, The alternative Color could be blue (which some have pointed out maybe a connection with Crip gang participants). Ultimate nighttime, Kendrick modified his Spotify profile image from one wherein he’s standing in front of a red wall to at least one wherein he’s standing in the front of a blue border.

To top it all off, the idea that every other new Kendrick album does exist somewhere was sneakily showed by using Soundwave, an in-house producer for Kendrick’s label TDE who produced numerous tracks on Rattling. some other “clue” is a line from “The Heart Part IV,” a one-off single that Lamar launched on the stop of March: “I stated it is like that, dropped one traditional, came right again / ‘Nother conventional, proper again / My next album, the entire enterprise on an ice percent / With TOC, you see the flames / In my E-Y-E’s; it’s not a game.”

internet sleuths have determined that “TOC” stands for “The other Colour.” The first tune on Rattling is known as “Blood,” and the album’s title seems in pink. In this example, The other Shade could be blue (which some have pointed out may refer to Crip gang members). Remaining night time, Kendrick changed his Spotify profile photograph from one where he’s status in the front of a red wall to 1 where he’s status in the front of a blue border.

To pinnacle all of it off, the concept that every new Kendrick album exists somewhere turned sneakily showed using Soundwave, an in-residence manufacturer for Kendrick’s label TDE who produced numerous tracks on Rattling. The rabbit hole does cross deep, and it’s smooth to look how fanatics ought to maintain searching out extra. Even Kendrick seems to have planted some clues in the album. Rattling is stuttered with references to Christianity, exploring thoughts like immaculate thought, prayer, and the apocalypse, alongside memories of essential moments in Kendrick’s existence. Then there’s the reality that the album’s first track, “Blood,” ends with a gunshot that seems to signify his loss of life. Its very last music, “Duckworth,” also capabilities a gunshot, followed via audio performed in reverse.

As KerryGD stated on Reddit, “too real to be faux now.”


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