Feather eyebrows are the latest beauty trend you have full permission to hate

Absolutely do not know a way to feel about this.

Permits no longer get commented on how bizarre certain beauty traits on the internet are. From bloggers passing off makeup utility with sanitary napkins, eggs, and soon as the new normal to viral splendor challenges that do not usually have ideal endings–the net is a goldmine of confusion. Today’s latest addition to the league is the phenomenon of feather eyebrows beauty.

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Sure, it’s precisely the way it sounds. Eyebrows that appear to be feathers. Believed to be the brainchild of Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen, the fashion began. At the same time, she published a closeup of her eyebrows clearly bifurcated into two halves–as a joke about how to grow her eyebrows back.

But as the policies of Net International, human beings took it seriously and started posting photographs in their individual variations of the feathered brow. Sironen quickly observed and published, but every other picture presented her ‘wonderful’ brow.”Note to self: while you make a shaggy dog story approximately starting a humorous brow fashion, humans will take it severely and…. nicely. Begin the fashion. Thanks for all the love and hate on my closing p.C! I think we must name this #featherbrows, so if you want to recreate this, please use the hashtag and tag me in the photograph.”

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