Drupal to WordPress in CMS Shift

Eight years ago, the Obama management chose an open-source content material control device to electricity the whitehouse.Gov internet site. In 2017, the Trump administration also selected an open-supply CMS, albeit a specific one from what has been in use because 2009.

In October 2009, the open-source Drupal CMS turned into chosen to strengthen the whitehouse.Gov website, a circulate that changed into heralded on time as a big win for both Drupal and open source. The whitehouse.Gov internet site became relaunched on Dec. 15 using a WordPress CMS rather than Drupal with distinctly little fanfare.

Although there has been no reputable declaration on the whitehouse.Gov website, a simple study the source HTML code for the web page gives sufficient evidence that WordPress is being used. For example, WordPress websites use listing and document naming conventions with the prefix “wp.” Perusing the brand new HTML code for the whitehouse.Gov internet site additionally famous an utterly unique topic version. WordPress separates content material from format thru Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)-based totally themes. The theme that now powers the whitehouse.Gov website is aptly referred to as “WhiteHouse” and is currently using model forty-five, a connection with Donald Trump being the 45th president.

Eight years ago, the Obama administration chose an open-supply content control machine to electricity the whitehouse.Gov internet site. In 2017, the Trump administration also selected an open-supply CMS, albeit a one-of-a-kind one from what has been in use since 2009.

In October 2009, the open-supply Drupal CMS became chosen to electricity the whitehouse.Gov internet site, a pass that was heralded as a significant win for both Drupal and open supply. With quite a little fanfare, the whitehouse.Gov internet site was relaunched on Dec. 15 using a WordPress CMS instead of Drupal.

Although there was no reputable statement on the whitehouse.Gov website, an easy observe the supply of HTML code for the website provides enough evidence that WordPress is getting used. For example, WordPress sites use listing and record naming conventions with the prefix “wp.” Perusing the brand new HTML code for the whitehouse.Gov website additionally well-known shows a unique subject version. WordPress separates content material from format thru the usage of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)-based topics. The theme that now powers the whitehouse.Gov website is aptly called “WhiteHouse” and is currently using version forty-five, a reference to Donald Trump being the 45th president.

WordPress is an open-source project that is led by a global community of volunteers. The code is free to be had for anybody to run independently, and numerous corporations provide WordPress services to assist guide deployment. Among the firms that support WordPress is Automattic, which is led by the aid of WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and operates the WordPress.Com site. There is also a U.S. Government connection to WordPress, with WordPress lead developer Andrew Nacin working for the U.S. Digital Service.

“I wasn’t involved in this,” Nacin wrote in a Twitter response about the new WordPress White House website online. “I paintings on public-dealing with virtual offerings like veterans making use of for fitness blessings or immigrants making use of for citizenship.”

Although Nacin has become no longer worried about the improvement of the WordPress-powered whitehouse.Gov site, he does have a few evaluations on how the website compares with others within the U.S. Government.

“It’s a crucial content website, and is excessive profile, but it lacks fundamental functionality seen elsewhere—there are not any forms for visitors to fill out or benefit programs to the method,” Nacin wrote.


In shifting from Drupal to WordPress, the White House is joining a massive network of agencies that depend on WordPress. In fact, WordPress is one of the most widely deployed CMS technologies on the net today, powering 25 percent or greater of all websites, in keeping with a few estimates.

The most recent WordPress update, four.Nine.1 debuted on Nov. 29, imparting incremental protection fixes and enhancements.

A core function of WordPress is that three.7 launch in October 2013 has been automated updates for incremental safety fixes. The capacity to routinely update WordPress sites for cumulative security updates, without user interplay, is a vital capability that eWEEK wrote at the time of the release as a center basis for mitigating security dangers.

Overall, WordPress had essential function releases in 2017, with WordPress four. Eight on June eight and WordPress four.9 on Nov. 16. Both releases brought new features to help make WordPress less challenging to use and manage while also improving the safety and stability of the platform.

As an open-source project, WordPress blessings from the learnings from the thousands and thousands of corporations that set up the technology. Time will tell if the WordPress project can gain and analyze from the brand new whitehouse.Gov site properly.

The international of the online enterprise is growing at an exceedingly rapid price. With this apparent shift to the online global, organizations construct websites for their groups for many reasons. For advertising, ease of immediate statistics, networking, destiny business, and success, these websites serve as the commercial enterprise’s second face at big. It is honest to mention, at this point in time, that without a website, a commercial enterprise is indeed absent from the online global. Since organizations ought to have control over every advertising attitude, they may be employing content material management structures (CMS) on their website.

CMS is a means for them in any other case now not a technologically savvy person to manage their online platform. The CMS platform is constructed utilizing net developers and web experts so that ordinary individuals can preserve their sight.

Let’s similarly discover the nature of the CMS:

What can a CMS offer?

In its primary fashion, CMS gives the possibility to construct, control, distribute, post, and find out statistics. The CMS platform, or again quit, is enormously simple to apply. Upon logging in, an enterprise owner will see the titles of every page of their internet site. By choosing a page, the person can create, edit, and post something text they want. The CMS also offers the option to regulate the appearance and navigation of the published pages.

What are the business benefits of a CMS?

The benefits for business CMS systems are limitless. Please remember the following:

Since business proprietors can edit the content of their website without reliance on each person else, the authoring manner is streamlined. Further, the turnaround time for guides is immediate since the net developer does not have to discover the time for the commercial enterprise owner. In addition, the website proprietor can assume much extra consistency, website navigation, and increased website flexibility. Another advantage for businesses is the expanded security due to comfortable login and safety of the content.

Websites are frequently primarily based on ranking, in keeping with search engines like Google. One of the most significant issues that websites come upon is a duplication of content. With CMS, replication is seamlessly controlled and no longer an issue. Finally, the luxury of private CMS is the decrease in renovation prices, for the reason that enterprise owners can sincerely make adjustments to their personal. Above all else, the CMS lets in for premium assist of enterprise goals and techniques.