Did Barbra Streisand of anyone simply slips iOS 10s release date?

Barbra Streisand, the seventy four-year-antique singer, songwriter, actress, and filmmaker, can upload a brand new identity to her resume: Apple leaker.

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During a NPR radio interview over the weekend, Streisand mentioned how Siri’s pronunciation of her call has irritated her considering that Apple launched the assistant in 2011. Siri apparently makes a “Z” sound in the center of “Streisand,” whereas Streisand claimed it’s meant to be stated with “a smooth ‘s’ like sand on the seashore.” The entertainer said she has been pronouncing her last call like that for her “entire profession.”


But it truly is not the maximum interesting part of her interview… Streisand then said she, in my view, referred to as up Tim Prepare dinner, Apple’s CEO, to ask him to restore the hassle – as one does.”So what did I do? I known as the head of Apple, Tim Prepare dinner. And he delightfully agreed to have Siri exchange the pronunciation of my call eventually with the following update on September 30th,” Streisand defined.

Here’s wherein it gets even more interesting: the next update to iOS – iOS 10 – is expected to release a subsequent month. however, it has to arrive before 30 September. The due to the fact the subsequent iPhone – iPhone 7 – is rumored to be delivered on either 16 September or 23 September, and it’ll launch with iOS 10 preloaded. Older iOS gadgets are predicted to get the update earlier, likely 14 September.

Did Streisand simply leak the iOS 10s launch date? it’s hard to tell if she just blended up the dat, or if she became given bad facts – due to the fact all rumours factor to that unique date as being not likely. She might have been told the replace is rolling out on the cease of September, and so she clearly guessed the date, or Cook may want to have revealed that a patch, 10.0.1, could be equipped by way of them.