Android L vs iOS 8 mobile

The arena wishes no introduction concerning the contention between iOS and Android clever phones.


Whilst the programs and centers furnished by way of each Android and iOS operating systems is a lot special from each other, but the international smart smartphone consumer base gets highly affected with every new launch from these giants. Whilst iOS devices are recognized for their high- quite contemporary clever phones, the Android operating gadget made it feasible for the humans to have got admission to all superior technologies at more than a few affordable prices.

On every occasion a brand new device from both of the producers is delivered within the market, the whole international eagerly makes comparisons among them. This trend is being observed for a previous couple of years and it does no longer seem to quit anytime quickly. With the release of Android L in addition to iOS 8 inside the coming fall, this competition is expected to get a new boost and the famous warfare between these is actually going to bloom.

Looking at this persisting rivalry, how can we stop ourselves from making comparisons between Android L and iOS eight? Without wasting any more time, allow us to take a more in-depth observe Android L (running on Nexus 5) and iOS 8 (walking on iPhone 5S).

Lock Screens and Home Monitors


Taking a look at the lock display of Android L, it has long gone via a few commendable adjustments. Earlier we had to tug down the display from the pinnacle in an effort to read the notifications, however now we will see the notifications proper within the center of the display screen. This selection, in some way, seems to have been adopted from iOS. by double- tapping a notification in Android L, that specific app gets released and so one can dismiss it, all you want to do is swipe it to either of the 2 facets. While a swipe on iOS 8 can be used to answer to an electronic mail or for marking it as the study. those features are nice- justified in each Android L and iOS 8.

In iOS, the notification mild might be on for lengthy enough in order that the consumer is capable of study the message, Whilst in Android L the RGB notification light will go off. Also, there may be a shortcut to the telephone application gift on the lock screen of Android L, something that is not there on iOS 8. however, the digicam software is present at the lock Screens of both Android L and iOS 8.

Apparently, iOS eight has room for third- celebration widgets in its notification region, Even as there may be no such provision in Android L. As a consumer, that is going to surprise the future users of Android L. by way of sincerely pulling down the notification panel in iOS 8, customers can get access to these 1/3- celebration widgets.

Distinctively, the house Monitors in both Android L and iOS 8 were stored just like their In advance variations. Android L is an extremely good choice for individuals who want to customize their clever telephones and iOS 8 is exceptional for people who need the customized appearance, but with a hint of simplicity.

Contacts, Keyboard, Dialer Android mobile vs iOS


The keyboard in Android L has been slightly changed however altogether, it is no distinct from an ordinary keyboard that we’ve In advance used on Android devices. All the features, which includes vehicle- correct, emoticons and word prediction are very plenty part of Android L. but Apple has efficiently covered a few very wonderful phrase- predictions in iOS eight. The context and purpose of the ongoing communication are understood by way of an algorithm, which then makes some definitely clever predictions.

Android L’s smartphone app has gone via some commendable modifications. All the starred contacts at the moment are positioned with no trouble at the lowest fringe of the display, consequently giving brief get right of entry to them. Meanwhile, the quest and Remaining Dialled contacts are on the top. However, no modifications had been made to the smartphone app in iOS 8, that is understandable. Still, Apple leads right here because of capabilities, including blocking off texts and calls from favored contacts.

In Android L, the touch list is compact in comparison to before, with little areas between every contact and a small profile picture. Even as in iOS eight, there’s no space for a profile photo, possibly because the developers understand that most of them are going to stay clean.

Multitasking, Notification panel, short controls

Android L has executed a commendable job in the list the notifications according to their precedence. The maximum crucial ones are positioned at the top and so forth. For instance, all emails at the moment are positioned at the pinnacle Whilst updates are at the lowest. But, Apple has taken an extra organized direction and by using pulling the notification panel down, weather reviews and user’s day by day schedule may even get displayed. Notifications are actually located one by one and the order wherein those are listed can be modified via going into the tool’s Settings.

Like earlier than, a quick Controls menu is the gift within the pull- down panel of Android L., This new design is truly a plus- factor in conjunction with the brightness slider and brought toggle for adjusting the orientation of the screen. Further, the short Manage menu in iOS eight is likewise loaded with commendable features. But, one needs to be cautious Whilst scrolling down any webpage as this could pull the panel downwards.

digital camera and Gallery

In Android L, the digital camera app from Google has been used as traditional. You can without problems access this app from the Play Keep. This app needs no creation and it is regarded for its clean to apply interface. The constructed- in camera modes in Android L are presupposed to satisfy each informal consumer. Alternatively, iOS 8 digicam certainly has some correct functions to reinforce about. Taking pictures time- lapse films, controlling attention, self- timer and unbiased publicity are some of the features in iOS eight.

In Android L, the Images app allows us to view the Pix. There are two separate tabs for dealing with Pictures, Highlights and one containing all pix. This app has automated backup and arranges your Photographs in different folders, depending on their date. There are numerous editing equipment and you do no longer need to be a Seasoned to use them. Further, iOS eight Additionally arranges your pictures by way of date and time. Backup is also to be had to make certain which you in no way lose any of them. The editing capabilities in iOS 8 are without a doubt fewer compared to Android L, however the simplicity and ease of use is truly some thing to understand.


these are simply some of the capabilities that we’ve got drawn evaluation among. But, both Android L and iOS eight are destined to go through some changes before their release date. it is completely as much as the customers to decide which smart phone to spend money on. Searching on the present day tendencies, Android and Apple are once more going to be at loggerheads.